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Dikke Dames de einge echte Coloring Cards Review

Dikke Dames de einge echte Buy from Etailer
by Julia Woning
Published by BBNC Uitgevers on 2016
Style: cardstock
Pages: 20
Format: Box, cards
Dikke Dames de einge echte Coloring Cards Review

Dikke Dames de einge echte Coloring Cards Video Review

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Dikke Dames de einge echte Coloring Book  Review

The Dikke Dames set of  Christmas cards illustrated by Julia Woning follows her usual style of cuddly people without faces.    Out of  all the different styles of art work that Julia can draw, the Dikke Dames are my favorites.  There is something comforting about not having to worry about facial details and just enjoy coloring the picture.    Plus the people are so adorable that you just want to reach over and wrap your arms around them!

The box that the cards are packed in is approximately 6.5 in x 6.5in and each card is approximately 5.8 in x 5.8in

This set of cards contains 20 Christmas themed cards which are one sided.   They are printed on white card stock and on the reverse of each image is the same text in Dutch.     I am not bothered by the fact that I cannot read the text, as I always write my own message in any event.  To be honest though,  I am not likely to send any of these Christmas cards but will probably hoard them all for myself!   As well as the 20 cards there are 20 lovely  red matching envelopes.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The cuddly people that feature in Dikke Dames are my favorite go to things to color when I want to relax.   I feel the same about these lovely cards.    The pack is filled with cuddly characters – Santa (with eyes!), reindeer, angels and snowmen all have the “dikke dames” look.   As well as the Christmas themed cards there are others that could be used for other occasions – champagne swilling couple,  cocoa sipping cold lovers and cherub angels.    These are great cards for colorists of all skill levels.  You can color them and just have fun with it without over thinking the color schemes or techniques if you want and they will look great.

The Dikke Dames coloring cards are particularly suited for colorists with a minor visual impairment.   The clear, black, thick lines are easy to see and the images have areas of large open space for ease of coloring.

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