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Het enige echte dierenkleurboek Review

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by Julia Woning
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Card cover

Beautifully made coloring bok featuring an assortment of animals with patterned detail.

Het enige echte dierenkleurboek Review

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Het enige echte dierenkleurboek Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Het enige echte dierenkleurboek by Julia Woning. Google translate informs me that the title roughly translates to The only real animals coloring book

Het enige echte dierenkleurboek Review

You may recall the name of Julia Woning as the artist who illustrated the cute colouring book – Het enige echte Dikke Dames kleurboek voor volwassenen.

Het enige echte Dikke Dames kleurboek voor volwassenen was a small book featuring cuddly ladies. You can see the full review of Dikke Dames here.

In a complete turnaround, she has this colouring book that is oversized and features animals rather than people.

The front cover with the limited color palette for the owl is very appealing and I was extremely curious as to how Julia Woning would illustrate animals in a colouring book compared to Dikke Dames.

What I found, was that Julia Woning has a number of artistic styles, with Het enige echte dierenkleurboek being completely different from Dikke Dames. If her name was not on the book, I would not recognise her artistic style in this book at all.

portrait of a patterned cat

Cover & Layout

The card cover of Het enige echte dierenkleurboek features a patterned owl with a limited but vibrant color palette or shades of blue, golds and orange. The pattern style is similar to what you will find throughout the book. Complementary blue frames the image and has been used for the title and artist name.

The cover art sans title has been included in the book for you to color as well.

The same shade of blue has been used for the spine as background for the white text.

On the back of the book, the blue border features again, this time framing an illustration of birds and flowers. The illustration is lovely but does not seem to fit with the theme of the book. An extended illustration of this art work has been included in the book for you to color as well. As it is the only illustration featuring flowers within the book it tends to interrupt the flow, although it is lovely.

The Only Real Animals Coloring Book is a heavy and oversized colouring book. It measures in at approximately 29.8 cm x 29.8cm (11.8 in x 11.8 in)

Ancillary Pages

The only ancillary page within this colouring book is the title page. This page features a reproduction of the cover art in a grayscale effect. However, the page has the publishers logo and copyright statement on it, which makes it only suitable for testing your mediums rather than framing.

image of a frog with a fluid curvy pattern


The illustrations in this colouring book have been printed on one side only of the thick, heavy, white paper.

All of the art work has been orientated portrait style throughout the book.

Some art work does run to the spine of the book, but with a bit more use, the spine should loosen enough to color easily in these areas.

Antlered animal against wallpaper background

Het enige echte dierenkleurboek Images and Illustrations

It took me some getting used to the illustrations in this colouring book because I associate Julia Woning with the Dikke Dames colouring books so much.

As you can guess from the English translation of the title, the colouring book has an animal theme. You will find animals from the air, sea and land within the book. There are lovely fish to color in, an assortment of birds and land animals including horse, dog and zebra.

With the exception of the bird images, sea creatures and bunnies (yay!) the bulk of the animals are only presented portrait or from head to shoulder style.

The animals are all patterned with a tangle type pattern on them. My only niggle with this book is the patterns. There seems to be really only a few styles of pattern one including the same as the owl on the cover, that features an assortment of zig zags and lined leaf like shapes and a more fluid, curvey pattern arrangement.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment will be delighted that the line art is black, crisp and a medium to heavy weight making the outlines easy to see. However, some images are highly patterned and the individual aspects of the pattern may be difficult to see. Fortunately, a good color wash would be the answer to quickly colouring the area without having to negotiate the fiddly bits if you wished. As the pages are printed on single sided, thick paper then you could use watercolours or inktense to show variations in colour without having to color the individual areas.

If you love to do backgrounds, you will find that there is ample area of white space on a number of drawings to add some background pizzazz.

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[foogallery id=”7719″]

Detail Level

Low High

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Happy coloring x


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