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Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst Kleurboek Review

Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst Kleurboek Buy from Yes Asia - Free Shipping
by Julia Woning
Published by BBNC Uitgevers Style: Paper: Medium to Heavy, single page illustrations
Format: Card cover
Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst Kleurboek  Review

Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst Kleurboek  Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst Coloring Book illustrated by Dutch artist, Julia Woning.

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Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst  Coloring Book  Review

Julia Woning has created a number of coloring books with the Dikke Dames (cuddly ladies theme).   This one takes well known paintings and imagines them in the Dikke Dames format.    Inside you will find some of the well known art works of famous artists  Monet, Mucha, Van  Gogh, Renoir, Botticelli, Vermeer, Degas, Mondrian, Apple,  Picasso, Munch, Gaugain and many more given the Dikke Dames coloring book style touch.

I have to admit that some of the pages had me perplexed for a while trying to figure out the original art source for the illustration.   Some have completely eluded me too!

One of the things that would have been good for those, like me, that perhaps could do with an Art History refresher would have been printing the original name of the painting that inspired the coloring page t on the reverse of the image, or discreetly on the page.

Cover & Layout

The matte card cover features a collage of various colored illustrations from within the book.

The coloring book measures 25cm x 25cm approximately.

Ancillary Pages

The cover art has been reproduced as a grayscale title page for the book.   However, the copyright text on the right-hand side of the page detracts from the overall image.    This is the only place to test out your mediums before diving in.


Illustrations are printed on one side of the medium to heavy quality, white paper.

All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style and positioned well on the page for ease of coloring.

Art Work

The artwork is based on well-known paintings that have been simplified and given the Dikke Dames touch.     The clear, crisp black lines make this a great coloring book for those with a visual impairment.     The lines are a medium weight overall which is great for those with a visual impairment.

One of the great things about the artwork in this book is that it frees you to be as imaginative as you wish with your coloring.     You could color solidly and achieve a great result.   You could color in the style of the original artwork or take inspiration from the modernizing of the artwork and go your own way.

You are not limited to coloring with pencils either as the images are printed on one side only of the paper.  You may wish to follow the steps of the original artists and paint the page and not color it.


Detail Level


Where to buy Dikke Dames in de Schilderkunst Colouring Book

Bol NL Book Depository – out of stock

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