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Hello Kitty and Friends Coloring Book Review

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by Various
Published by VIZ Media LLC on October 10th 2017
Style: double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover

With dozens of beautiful, detailed illustrations, this stunning book captures the essence of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends—all waiting to have their world colored in by you. For artists and Hello Kitty fans of all ages.

Hello Kitty and Friends  Coloring Book Review

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Hello Kitty and Friends Coloring Book  Review

Like many people I adore Hello Kitty.   Such cuteness and such a sweet little character.   Of course I had to have the Hello Kitty coloring book.  However, when I pre-ordered it over 6 months ago I expected that it would not be as good as my Japanese coloring book filled with Hello Kitty – Smile.   Luckily,   I am always  happy to be wrong.   I was wrong about the English version of  Hello Kitty – it’s adorably cute!    Out of the whole book there are only one or two images that I initially didn’t fancy, but have since grown fond of.

Of course I have been waiting anxiously for Hello Kitty to be released since I pre ordered it.   Like many people it was a happy day when I received the email saying it had dispatched.  Then I waited and waited and waited.   Something weird has gone on in the last few months with my coloring book mail.    I think on rough count this is the 20th book or package that has been lost in the mail.     Based on my assumption that it could not compete with my Japanese book I nearly cancelled my order.  Iwas going to ask for a refund but decided what the heck, I’ll get a replacement sent instead.   What’s one more coloring book in a sea of coloring books anyway?  🙂    I’m so glad that I didn’t cancel because have I told you how much I adore this book full of Hello Kitty cuteness!

Cover & Layout

The cover is a white gloss with red foil title. The cover art features Hello Kitty and friends in a mandala type shape.   You may notice a little red scratch on my cover ..I think I bumped the foiling with my fingernail and scraped a mark on it when unwrapping it.     On the back cover there are cute hot air balloons with Hello Kitty on a little ride.   As the cover is glossy it will be very difficult to penetrate that layer and color it in.  Luckily, there’s a lot inside to color your cares away.

I have to say that I am surprised at the cover art choice as there are very few mandala type images in the book and something like the back cover art would have been more representative of the coloring book.

Hello Kitty and Friends coloring book measures approximately 10 in x 10in

Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book a plain text title page has copyright information on reverse.   This would be a great spot to test out your mediums.


Hello Kitty and Friends has been printed on ivory, medium quality paper.  The   paper is very sturdy and good quality but quite smooth.

The book has been printed so that there is a full page image on the right and on the facing page a small element from the main page.   This means that you could color the main page using your favorite mediums if you did not wish to color the smaller element.   As always, you should pop some blotter pages between the sheets to avoid any damage.    You could of course color both the smaller image, when you want a small project and the larger image for when you want an ongoing project.   I love the way that they have designed this so it is up to the colorist to decide whether it should be treated as single sided or double sided.    I am also a huge fan of the smaller picture on the left as it is a good way of working out your colors or just focusing on a small task when time is at a premium.

All of the illustrations have been drawn so that there is either a border or a white space surrounding the image.  For colorists this means that there is no negotiating tricky areas near the spine.   At the moment the book is a little stiff and not laying down as flat as I would like.  However, if this persists I am pretty confident that Mr Muscles will make short work of relaxing the spine for me.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

A number of illustrators have created the art work in Hello Kitty and Friends.   I always wish when a variety of artists is used that there is some form of attribution at the end for individual pages.   Some illustrators I would like to follow and see more of their style on social media.   The illustrators for this Sanrio coloring book are Hedi Fekete, Lizzy Doyle, Hedi Yo, Cate Blanch and Sarah Meyer.

One of the wonderful things about the Hello Kitty colouring book is that due to the layout of the book you could color with a color buddy or a little colorist with each taking on one of the pages.   The other appealing thing, besides the gorgeous cuteness wrapped up in a Hello Kitty bow, is that there are images with varying degrees of complexity.  You will find pages that are packed to the brim with itty bitty things to color for when you want to focus on the little things in life.   Then there are pages with larger more open elements for some stress free coloring.

You will find Hello Kitty and friends in various scenes and surrounded by different elements.  Of course, there’s sweet things and food in general,  rocket ships, hot air balloons, nature scenes, water based scenes, quirky houses and close ups of Hello Kitty.   This coloring book is all about having a good time.  I think it would be very difficult to resist a smile when you look through the images of this much loved Sanrio character.

The line art is black and easy to see.  However because there are various artists there is a difference in line weight on the pages and some have lines that are not quite as crisp as others.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”11632″]

Detail Level


Where to buy Hello Kitty and Friends Colouring Book

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Happy coloring x



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