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A Million Christmas Cats Coloring Book

Christmas Cat Coloring Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by John Bigwood
Published by Lark Crafts on October 18th 2016
Style: double page printing
Pages: 64
Format: Card cover

Everything’s merrier with cute kitties—even Christmas! One of the world’s favorite holidays meets one of America's favorite pets in this fun coloring book that’s filled with felines. You will also find other cute animals in this wonderfully themed Christmas book as well!

A Million Christmas Cats Coloring Book

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A Million Christmas Cats Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the review of  A Million Christmas Cats above.

A Million Christmas Cats Coloring Book

I love the “Million” series of coloring books!   They are all so cute  and filled with whimsical animals that provide hours of coloring fun.    The current books that I have,  A Million Cats, A Million Dogs and a Million Bears have all been illustrated by Lulu Mayo.      When I seen the new a Million Christmas Cats it threw me that Lulu Mayo was not illustrating it and John Bigwood was instead.  I wondered if he would be able to capture the same cuteness that Lulu injects and the same cuddliness of the animals.     Thankfully, he has!

If you read my Christmas Coloring Books for 2016 post you will know that I fell in love with this book when I seen it.  I ordered it as my Christmas present to myself 🙂  I was so excited when it arrived yesterday that I had to quickly share it with you.   I love cats 🙂

Cover & Layout

The cover and layout follows the same formula as in previous books.     There is a gorgeous white gloss cover with some pre printing on it in red, blue and green both front and back.     Silver snowflakes in foil add a touch of pizzazz to the front cover.    The illustrations are also available in the book for you to color as well.

The cover features a lovely cuddly cat with a little mouse, surrounded by snowflakes and  smaller circular arrangements of smiling kitties.    The cover highlights that this a Winter themed Christmas rather than the sweltering heat of an Australian Christmas 🙂  I feel cooler just looking at it!       The back cover also features circular arranged contented cats as well a s larger cats, a cute mouse with an umbrella and some rooftop scenes, also featuring mice.     Very cute and whimsical!

The book measures  7 in x 8.8 in  which is the same size as previous books.   They all look gorgeous snuggled on the bookshelf together.     I like this smaller format as it is handy when travelling, waiting for appointments and fits into my handbag easily.  The gloss cover also means that it does not smudge as easily as other books.

Ancillary Pages

The front cover art of  A Million Christmas Cats has been replicated as a title page for you to color.   Over page copyright and illustrator acknowledgement has a layer of cuteness with a line of cats below in wooly scarves and hats.

The illustrations are all printed on both sides of the paper.      The paper is a medium quality, with with a light texture to it.    All of the images have been orientated portrait style.

A Million Christmas Cats Image Gallery

Enjoy these lovely Christmas Cats!    Click on the image to view more detail.

[foogallery id=”3903″]


I was worried that John Bigwood would not have the same sort of  illustrations that I was used to with Lulu Mayo.   I was concerned that his cats might not have the correct level of cuddliness.   Fortunately they do!   John, like Lulu produces gorgeous cuddly cats in a variety of imaginative situations.

You will find cats with stripes, kittens, sleepy cats, scaredy cats and even some sleek cats.   In addition to the cats there are also other animals as well.    You will also find bears, mice, reindeer and even a bunny or two.

All of the cats are rugged up for winter with scarves and hats and even the bears wear outfits to color in.

There are a range of delightful scenes in the book: caroling cats, carousel in snow globe cats, cats building a snowman, decorating the stairs, as christmas ornaments, enjoying roasted chestnuts – they are all adorable! >^_^<

There are a few pages of pattern type designs to provide a little variety to the scene based designs.

the lines are all printed in a crisp black making it easy to see.    The line weight is medium and there is some solid black throughout for definition.     Some fine lines have been used within elements to give the sense of texture.

throughout the book there are  48 pages that are   double page scenes and  balance being   single page scenes.      Some of the illustrations have pre printed with a black background.  The double page illustrations do run into the spine.The book requires some gentle pressure to lay down.  With continued use, no doubt, the spine on my book will relax enough to make coloring in these tricky spots easier.

There is a gorgeous illustration of some kittens in Christmas stockings towards the end of the book.   As much as I love the illustration it doesn’t seem to fit with the other illustrations in the book being different types of cats.

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  • On the double page where the cats have their paws full with presents, there is one cat who carry a bag with the “Mior” logo. I think that is really cute and hilarious.

    • They are so cute! I love the way artists incorporate things into pictures – such imaginations! Happy coloring x

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