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Fantastic Animals Postcards Review

Written by coloringqueen
Style: cardstock, single page illustrations
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding, Pad

Fantastic Animals Postcards

It’s no secret that I am a fan of postcards that you can color in. I love having a smaller project to do, even though it is harder on my eyes, because I like the feeling of accomplishing something within a shorter amount of time.

I found this lovely set of Fantastic Animals postcards at my local Japanese bookshop, Kinokinuya (they are worldwide except UK).

Sea Lion postcard to color in

Sea Lion postcard to color in

The postcards are presented in a pad with a protective card cover. The front cover is partially colored with a lovely bunny rabbit, owls and roses. The card cover is matte and can be easily colored with your medium of choice. As most of you may have guessed, I love bunny rabbits and so the cover image was a major selling point for me. The back cover can also be colored and comes with pre colored owl and flowers.  The back cover also has a super thick card backing making it easy to color within the pack.

The postcards measure 16.5 cm x 12cm (approximately 6.5in x 4 3/4 in).    There are 20 postcards to color in the pack.

Fantastic Animals has been printed on both sides of the heavy cardstock. The front side showing an animal themed illustration and the rear with a cute animal in “stamp” form together with lines to write on and use as a postcard. Personally, I always find my postcards too pretty to post and like to keep them for framing.

On the back a cute animal has been made into a stamp

On the back a cute animal has been made into a stamp

The illustrations have one landscape orientated drawing with the balance being portrait orientation.


The illustrations depict animals, most of which are patterned. There is a large variety in the type of animals celebrated in the book which range from jungle animals and even farm yard animals like chickens and sheep. Some of the animals have been “dressed” up in hats and outfits. Most of the animals are depicted in quirky settings giving the postcards a fun feel.

The majority of the images have fine details to color

The majority of the images have fine details to color

The animals have all been outlined in black, crisp ink making them very easy to see. The line weight ranges between fine and medium.

The majority of the Fantastic Animals fill the entire card with imagery and have been well positioned on the page. However there are some images that have only partial elements printed (ie leaves etc have been cut off).

The animals are varied including farm yard animals like this sheep

The animals are varied including farm yard animals

Due to the small size of the postcard pack the imagery can present as quite small. There are only a handful of images that have a lot of wide open spaces and the bulk of the images have small, fine details. If you have visual impairment, now is the time to fire up the magnifying lamp if you want to tackle some of the pictures.

This image of a dog is the only landscaped orientated image in the pack

This is the only landscaped orientated image in the pack

Some of the images have complex, tiny patterns on them and you may need a fine liner to color in these areas.

Fantastic Animals Postcards Video Review

Enjoy the video review of this selection of cute animals postcards.


Where to buy

Readers may find it difficult to find Fantastic Animals postcards online. I purchased my copy  in store at Kinokinuya ISBN 471-770-2091-16-3.

Happy coloring x




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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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