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Christmas in my Heart Korean Coloring Book

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Style: Contains Extras, double page printing
Format: Card cover

Beautifully presented Korean coloring book with a Christmas theme. Lots of easy to color whimsical images with a few more detailed illustrations included

Christmas in my Heart Korean Coloring Book

Christmas in my Heart Korean Coloring Book

I hope you enjoyed the video review above of  this lovely Christmas themed coloring book from Korea.    The translation roughly means “Christmas in my Heart’ (although I never trust automated translators that much)

Christmas in my Heart Coloring Book  Review

I have seen colored pictures from this cute and whimsical Korean coloring book which, of course, made me fall in love with it.    It is a very difficult book to track down though, and the only place I managed to find it, with shipping to Australia is as set out below.

Cover & Layout

The cover of  Christmas in my Heart coloring book depicts a wreath filled with festive elements of angels, candy canes, stockings and poinsettia.    The back cover features simple and whimsical drawings of snowmen and other Christmas designs.    I have to say, that if you were relying on the front cover when making your purchase, you may be surprised when you receive the book.    The contents of the book is far more reflective of the back cover, than the front being mainly cutesy and whimsical drawings.

The coloring book measures 25cm x 25cm.

The front cover has a slightly waxy texture which may prevent you coloring it (or causing a build up on your mediums).   The line art has just one dash of yellow as a color highlight on it.

Although the book has fold out flaps and a lovely card cover, the publishers have not taken the opportunity of adding some line art to color on the inside of the book.     Never mind though, there is plenty of cute coloring pictures inside.

Ancillary Pages

A simple title page with a girl riding a reindeer opens the book.  This would be a great spot to test out your markers and mediums and see how they perform with the paper and your coloring style.  A nameplate page follows which has a pre printed background on light grey.


The illustrations are all presented on both sides of the medium quality, white paper.     All of the illustrations are portrait orientated.     There are 8 pages of double page scenes within the book.   The illustrations in these double page spreads do run to the spine in the tricky area to color.  However, the book spine should loosen with use, making it easier to color in.


Most of the illustrations in this book are simple, whimsical designs featuring angels, Santa and various festive scenes.   The pages are often full of  things to color in but as the art contains more open spaces it would be suitable for those colorists that have minor visual impairment.

The line art has been drawn in a fine but strong, crisp black.  On the whole it is very easy to see with a minor visual impairment due to the large open drawings without too many small, fine details.

The cover art has been included for you to color as well.

In addition, to the cutesy drawings that make up the bulk of this Christmas themed coloring book there are also a few images that are far more grown up and refined.   These illustrations, like the cover art of the wreath, have far more detailed elements.    There are about 4 of these more complex drawings at the end of the book.    The art work in these reflects a different style but still seems to fit well with the theme of the book.

Christmas in my Heart Korean Coloring Book Image Gallery

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Where to buy Christmas in my Heart Korean Coloring Book

The Christmas in my Heart Korean Coloring Book is very elusive.     I have only been able to find this book at one store online which is where I purchased it from.      You can buy the book here.   I would suggest that you use Chrome as your browser as the website is in Korean and Chrome has an automatic translation function.


You will find two lovely postcards that you can cut out and color in the book.    They are printed on the same paper which is a very sturdy medium weight.       My book also came with a plastic bag containing 4 smaller than normal sized postcards.  These cards are pre printed in color and can be sent or retained and framed.

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