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A Million Owls Coloring Book Review

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by Lulu Mayo
Published by Lark Crafts Style: double page printing
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

"Tiny owls. Singing owls. Owls eating snacks, playing instruments, and preening happily on branches: a million adorable owls to color! "

A Million Owls Coloring Book Review

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A Million Owls Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review above of  A Million Owls Coloring Book illustrated by Lulu Mayo.

A Million Owls Coloring Book Review

As most readers will know,  I love animals and cute animals in particular.    If they are a little bit cuddly then so much the better.      I have loved the art work in the “Million” series of  coloring books since the first coloring book – A Million Cats.   Those well rounded kitty cats stole my heart!   Then came A Million Dogs that reminded me of my little terrible twosome.

I thought that when A Million Bears was released that it would not be a book that I would like.  In fact,  I didn’t order it until the last minute.    As often happens,   A Million Bears is one of my favorite books – who couldn’t love those cute, cuddly bears!

I was miffed,  I have to say,  when I heard that the next book was A  Million Owls.   I dream of a Million Bunnies (and I am still optimistic that one day I will get my rabbits).   Owls did not take my fancy.   Maybe because I can’t color in feathers but I really  didn’t think that I would like this book at all.    Again, I held off ordering it, so sure that I wouldn’t like it.    Well,  I think  you can guess the ending of this story!       A Million Owls is so adorable,  I couldn’t wait to film it and start coloring it in!

Cover & Layout

The cover of  A Million Owls Coloring Book is pastel heaven.     Set against a purple background beautiful pinks, aqua and mauve feature on the partially colored cuddly owls.     Gold foil highlights adorn the front cover.     The spine is white with black text title and mauve artist name.    There are cute colored elements of flowers along the spine and gold foil hearts.

The back cover features the same purple background with white lien art surrounding the same colored owls from the front cover hovering over a floral vine.

A Million Owls Coloring Book measures 17.8cm x  22.4 cm (approximately 7  x 8.8 inches)

Ancillary Pages

A reproduction of the front cover art serves as the title page for A Million Owls.Over page copyright information follows on a double page spread which features adorable owls oozing with personality perched on a branch.      The pages at the start of  A Million Owls would be the best place to test out your mediums.


A Million Owls has been printed on both sides of the smooth white, medium quality paper.     In the book there are  36 pages that comprise double page spreads.    The line art does run to the spine of the book.      The binding is quite strong and rigid.   Even flexing my muscles, I could not manage to get my pencil into all the area of the art near the spine.     I found the best solution, for me,  was holding the book by the facing page and pushing on the page that lays flat to try and get my pencil deeper into the line art in the spine.

If I hold the book this way, it makes it easier to reach those tricky spine areas particularly while the binding is still stiff

I am hopeful,  that I’ll be able to push the spine down over time to relax it further, and make coloring in this area easier.

There are two pages that have a pre printed black background on them.

All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style.

A Million Owls Coloring Book Images & Illustrations

Lulu Mayo has such an imagination.    All of her little owls are so quirky and seem to ooze their own individual personalities.    You will find owls starring in  fairy tale scenes,  like Alice in Wonderland.    They will flutter out of bookshelves, tea cups and gardens.    They will be up to mischief in the kitchen playing with the pandas and topping cupcakes.    Most of the owls have some sort of  adornment be it a bow tie or elaborate feathers.    The thing that really stands out is their facial expressions.  You can almost …imagine them talking to you.

Of course, the thing that really makes me adore A Million Owls so much is that the owls have brought some friends with them in this book.       There are those deliciously plump pandas,  cuddly  cats and …there are bunnies!     It really is so cute and whimsical.  I love how Lulu has managed to incorporate all of the animals that she has drawn previously, including cameo bunny appearances.

The illustrations  have been drawn in a crisp, black line which is on the whole a medium weight.   A few pictures use a finer line for texture on elements.

There is a nice variety of imagery in the book, suitable for colorists that like larger spaces and images with a lot more detail, and colorists that prefer more tightly packed illustrations.    If you have a minor visual impairment you will find that the book is 50/50 split approximately with images that are less detailed and those that are more complex.   The images that have more detail could still be attempted, but if you have visual or motor impairment you need to pace yourself and only color an element at a time.    This will make coloring the art work  more focused by avoiding the detail that can distract the eye.

Please click on an image to view more detail.

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Happy coloring x



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  • Oh how cute and I am not an owl person. But have seen many ask for drawings of owls when artists ask/groups ask for suggesting.



    • I’m not an owl person either but these owls are so plump and cuddly and they have the cutest friends who can resist them! I have colored the title page so far and I am working on the copyright pages from it = they are just soooo cute! Happy coloring x

        • I post on Instagram but I haven’t colored a lot. I’ve signed up for coloring lessons and plan on posting that journey. So many things on the “to do” list! Happy coloring x

          • You can learn coloring at a number of places online with basic courses and what not. The one that I am enrolled with is This is run by an Australian girl, Alyce who is a real wizz with pencils and markers. Sadly, I’m about a year behind on my lessons lol 🙂 Happy coloring x

    • It’s so cute! I’ve been coloring in it too! I never thought I would like it at all! I haven’t even colored the bunnies yet! So many WIP pics at the moment – I’ll have to dig that one out for hte weekend for some coloring fun 🙂 Hope you have millions of minutes of fun coloring it! Happy coloring x