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A Million Cats – Fabulous Felines to Colour Review

Written by coloringqueen
A Million Cats: Fabulous Felines to Color Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Lulu Mayo
Published by Lark Crafts on April 5th 2016
Style: double page printing
Pages: 64
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Chubby cats. Smiling cats. Cats on buses, pedaling bicycles, playing instruments, and napping happily on branches: lots of cats to color and love!

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A Million Cats – Coloring Book Review

A Million Cats is a gorgeous coloring book featuring cute, chubby, quirky, cartoon like cats. I adore cat coloring books so I couldn’t wait to buy this and I wasn’t disappointed.   I love the style of Lulu Mayo. Her illustrations tend to produce an involuntary smile when I look at them.

Cover & Layout

The cover of this book is gorgeous being peach with gold highlights.  The images are mostly pre colored in teal and orange.   The cover reflects the content of the book with tubby cats decorating it.    The book has a card cover and it is smaller than most coloring books, being kitten sized measuring in at approximately 23cm x 18cm  (approximately 9in x 7 in).   The book is glue bound but also has some flexi binding making it easy to fold down flat.

A  lovely title page features cats in a floral scene.  A more complete illustration of the title page is included in the book as well. I would have liked to see the cover image reproduced as the title page, as this always provides a lovely introduction into a book, in my opinion.

A Million Cats - Double Page Scene

A Million Cats – Double Page Scene

The double page copyright, “illustrated by” page is gorgeous featuring a cat amongst the toadstools.    This is also a useful place to test out your wet mediums for bleed through and shadowing.

Some illustrations in A Million Cats have space to add background effects

Some illustrations in A Million Cats have space to add background effects

The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper and the majority are double page spreads.    The paper is white and a medium weight, not completely smooth providing some tooth for layering mediums.  Many of the illustrations run to the center of the spine in a tricky area to color.  Fortunately, the book binding has been designed to fold down well to allow for ease of coloring.


The illustrations are gorgeous!   If you love tubby cats in  a quirky settings these drawings will make you smile.   I adore the double page scene of the cats laying amongst the tree branches.   there are happy cats, frowny cats, sleepy cats and contented cats.    I love the quirkiness of  Lulu’s imagination that has conjured up cats playing instruments, a Siamese cat as a shoe heel and a cat falling asleep on the bus.

Quirky, tubby cats playing musical instruments

Quirky, tubby cats playing musical instruments all from the same family, it would appear by their markings

Some of the cats consist of outline only allowing the colorist an opportunity to add their own detail or enjoy a solid colored piece amongst a detailed design. Most of the cats have pre shaded striping on them and the majority are on the curvy, cuddly side 🙂  I would have liked to see more kittens in this kitten sized book, but have only found one so far.

The line work is black and crisp and is midway between dull black and bright black.  Visually, it is easy enough to see the outlines but there are some images that are quite detailed, making it difficult for those with visual impairment.

Most of the illustrations fill the whole of a double page but some have some space for those that like to add backgrounds.

Some single page scenes are included in the book. This one comprises pattern and a cat shoe

Some single page scenes are included in the book. This one comprises pattern and a cat shoe

On the whole, the majority of illustrations are quite detailed with floral backgrounds, patterns and the like.  There are some illustrations which have larger areas of space to color but the majority comprise a lot of smaller spaces to color.    The size of the images is consistent with the size of the book but the images may be too difficult to color for those with arthritis and any problems with fine motor skills.

The majority of the drawings are double page scenes with 17 being single page drawings.

Some illustrations had me scratching my head for a minute, being double page scenes of  patterns.  I spent some time wondering where the cat was in the pattern until the giveaway tail indicated that the cat was hiding within the image.

Overall, this is a gorgeous coloring book that cat lovers should adore.

Are there a million cats?   No, but there are certainly hundreds of cats to keep you amused for hours!

A Million Cats Colouring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of  A Million Cats – Fabulous Felines to Colour below:


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About Lulu Mayo

Lulu Mayo is a London based illustrator. She studied illustration and obtained her Masters from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London after switching from business studies. Her illustrations are quirky, fun and the realisation of daydreams

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