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100 Nieuwe Creaties Mandala Coloring Book Review

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Published by De lantaarn b.v. on 1 September 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 204
Format: Card cover, Glue & Stitched

The mandala's from this second round mandala book with 100 new creations are inspired by several appealing themes and shapes.

100 Nieuwe Creaties Mandala  Coloring Book Review

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100 Nieuwe Creaties Mandala  Coloring Book Video Review

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100 Nieuwe Creaties Mandala  Coloring Book Review

Since purchasing my first 100 Creaties Mandala book last year I have been on a mission to obtain all three that are currently in the set.      This book of mandalas is unusual in that it is presented in a round book which perfectly complements the mandala designs.   Produced by a Dutch company the imagery is not hand drawn but created from stock images.  Although, I value hand drawn art more highly than stock image creations I still love this series of coloring books and their unique presentation.

Personally, I find coloring mandalas very soothing.    You can often tell when I’m stressed out because I’ve colored a mandala and popped it on my Instagram account rather than a cute little bunny.        I think the symmetry of mandalas is very grounding and helps me to focus and unwind.  Personally,   I wish mandalas were more popular and that there were more unique book creations like this one.

intricate mandala pattern

Cover & Layout

The cover is super thick (at least 3 mm) top and bottom that provides a sturdy support for the 100 mandala designs included in the book.    The spine is a denim blue, short end for the book that just shows the title and publisher’s logo.    A beautiful colored mandala features on the front cover with pops of silver.   Looking at the cover, you can see how effective and pretty a  mandala can be even with a limited palette of blue, red and orange.      A ribbon stating the book is a “limited edition” is displayed at the bottom of the cover.      All the books in the series state that they are Limited Edition.

The back cover features the same colored design and colored printing instead of the silver foil.   A publisher’s blurb, in Dutch is in the center.

Note: these books can be difficult to order and are often out of stock.   If you want it, and it is in stock, grab it  or you could wait months

Ancillary Pages

The cover image has been repeated as the first page in the book.  Instead of the title details this has been replaced with what I assume is a nameplate page.

A plain text title page follows with copyright information on the reverse.   This or the following page that contains text are the only places to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring style.

intricate mandala pattern


All of the illustrations are presented on single sided, white, paper.     Although the paper is medium quality it is on the lighter end of medium.       On the reverse of each image  the line art for the nameplate page has been repeated in a scaled version and in light ink.    Presumably this is so you can sign and date the reverse of each image for your records.         As the line art is really for decoration on this page you can use whatever mediums you wish on the art page.   As the paper is thin to medium,  if you are using markers or pressing hard with your pencils, you will need to put a blotter paper between the pages.      Alcohol based markers will bleed through the paper and may damage the area set aside for you to name and date the work.

intricate mandala pattern

100 Nieuwe Creaties Mandala  Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

There are so many ways of creating mandalas for coloring books.   You can have mandalas that have a  theme to them like florals, mandalas that have objects framing a center, mandalas that have been carved into a symmetrical pie and many other designs.   These mandalas all feature intricate and detailed patterns in the mandala shape.

This new mandala coloring book is far more detailed and intricate in design than the previous one.      If you have a minor visual impairment,  it could be far too challenging for you.     Colorists that have  motor skill impairment may also find that the tightly packed, small details in the bulk of the drawings cause issues that detract from the enjoyment of coloring.

Black, crisp line art features in the book.    The line weight varies from fine to medium and sometimes a few thick lines for a bit of interest.

In order to color this mandala based coloring book you will need a lot of patience, a strong light and some fineliners or a pencil sharpener at the ready.

Some of the designs I could not imagine attempting as they are so teeny, weeny in detail that I would end up out of the lines in the first five minutes.   With those designs I think that they would be still nice if they were just color washed all over and I could use them as decorations or framed.     Fortunately, as there are 100 designs within the book there are many designs that I can attempt that would not have me screaming for a magnifying lamp!

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Detail Level


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