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Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen Coloring Book Review

Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen Buy from the Artist/Author
by Francien van Westering
Published by Kosmos Uitgevers on 22 September 2015
Style: color inspiration images, Poster, single page illustrations
Pages: 16
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Eight beautiful posters featuring beautifully detailed illustrations of cats at home and in garden settings.

Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen  Coloring Book Review

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Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen Video Review

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Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenenReview

This lovely Dutch colouring book was recommended to me by a reader as something that I may like. Well, obviously, they know me too well 🙂 Gorgeous kitty cats in a beautifully laid out colouring book – what more could a girl want! As most readers will know, I am very fond of animals, especially kitty cats in colouring books. There is something so calming about a cat colouring book.

Usually, my cat colouring books do not contain realistic looking cats in natural settings – being more fun and cartoony cats. This one is the exception.

Cover & Layout

The card cover of the book features an orange background with  part of an image from within the book featuring a cat in the garden. The image is framed on both sides with cute little paw prints.

On the back cover, there are three thumbnail images indicating the kitties inside that you will find.

Title and artist name is on the spine of the book.  As you will notice in the video the spine is very thin.

Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen is an oversized colouring book. It measures 35.5 cm x 27 cm approximately (14 in x 10.7 in approximately).

On the inside front cover you will find 8 coloured images from within the book which might inspire you. On the inside back cover there are advertisements for other books and products.

Ancillary Pages

There is only one ancillary page in the book which is a blank sheet of paper at the end of the book. This could be used for your color palettes and color testing swatches if you wished.


There are 8 illustrations in the book which are printed on single sided, smooth, heavy white paper. These illustrations are really designed to be coloured in your medium of choice and framed. They are far too pretty to be left in the book, in my opinion. There is one image that has been orientated landscape style, with the balance being portrait orientation. There are two images that do not have a border framing the picture, with the balance having some form of border around the art work.

Each image can be carefully removed from the glue binding for colouring out of the book or for framing. If you are colouring in the book, I would still use the spare piece of paper in the Ancillary Pages, as a blotter between the pages if you are using wet mediums in order to protect the image underneath.

On the reverse of each illustration there is text in Dutch. I have no idea what it means, but I presume it is a message from the artist about the design.

Each image has been positioned a little away from the spine ranging from a few millimetres to half a centimetre, in order to avoid any difficulties colouring this area.

Due to the small number of pages, the book folds down flat with ease.

Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen Images and Illustrations

There are 8 beautiful illustrations that feature a cat on each page. Francien van Westering has managed to incorporate a number of different types of cats into the colouring book considering the number of pages.

One of the most impressive things, in my opinion, about these felines is that the artist has managed to incorporate the look int the eyes that is so well known among cats – that “don’t mess with me” look that they can give you or alternatively, ‘you human are my slave” with a look of utter disdain. That’s one of my favourite things about cats, their independence and superiority, or maybe it’s just every cat that I have had 🙂

Each illustration manages to make the cat or cats the focal point in the art work, but includes other elements that are typical of cat behaviour; playing with string, sunning themselves in the garden, snuggling in a basket and the focused look of a cat creeping up on its prey.

All the  illustration have an abundance of detail on the page.  It may be  the expressive cats themselves or the other elements that have been incorporated including flowers, garden pots, nature scenes and the like.

For colorists that are wishing to try different techniques this book presents a lot of opportunity. There’s the challenge of colouring the terracotta of pots, the wicker on baskets, the fur on the cats and other animals, the wood on cupboards, folds on fabric and the abundance of flowers and other natural elements.

The line art in this book is black and crisp and very easy to see. Variable line weight has been used to give an artistic rendering of the drawing. Finer lines in a lighter shade of black have been used for texture on the cats and chicken feathers.

Colorists that have minor visual impairment or motor impairment, may find that the amount of elements packed into each picture may be too challenging to color, unless with a color wash.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Franciens kattenkleurboek voor volwassenen

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