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100 Creaties Mandalas (100 Creations) Review

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by Shutterstock
Published by De lantaarn b.v. on September 2015
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 204
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Limited Edtion coloring book containing 100 mandala designs presented in a beautiful round layout

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100 Creaties Mandalas Coloring Book Review

I am the first to admit that I do not have that many mandala coloring books. Surprising really because mandalas are very popular with colorists, and considering how many coloring books I do have. In fact, I actually like coloring mandalas as I find them very calming and relaxing.

I had to buy this mandala book because it is a first for me in coloring book world! It’s round! The whole book has been created in a circle. The book is from the Netherlands and has been printed in Dutch.

Cover & Layout

The cover is a real attention grabber. A beautiful matte black backing card, which is super thick, has been imprinted with a gorgeous mandala design. Pre printed colors of hot pink, purple and green, highlighted with silver foil, makes this cover stand out from the crowd and ….it is round. The back cover features the same design.

round intricate mandala book

Detailed mandala image in a round shaped book

The card front and back of this beautiful mandala book is super thick and sturdy. A fuschia arm forms the spine of the book which has simple white text on it. On opening the book you are met with a stunning nameplate page. The colored cover art has been reproduced in a scaled version on the black matte paper.

Inside the book a beautiful black paper has been used to protect the 100 creations that are contained in the book.

variety of round mandalas pre cut in a round circle book

Most of the mandalas have intricate images

There is a plain title page and two pages of text that follow. I cannot read any of the text 🙂 As always, these ancillary pages are always a good spot to test out your wet mediums on the paper.

The illustrations in the book have all been printed on single sided white paper. On the reverse of each image, in a lighter print, is a small, intricate mandala and text. It appears, although I am not certain, that this a space where you can sign and date your colored mandala creation.


There are 100 mandalas in the book of various designs. The mandala images have all been centered well on the page allowing for surrounding white space.

round mandala dutch book

The mandalas have all been inked in crisp, black ink. There is a wide variety of line weight used in the mandala designs with some mandalas being fine and delicate others with a heavier line weight.

Most of the mandalas are very finely detailed and intricate. I would need to pull out my magnifying lamp to color all but a handful of the images, due to minor visual impairment.

Strong line weight on this mandala makes it easy to see

Variation of line weight throughout the book

As the spine of this book is like a little arm, the full mandala circle can be removed by slicing through with an exacto knife. You would, however, need to cut that area to form the balance of the circle, if required.

I could easily imagine these mandalas beautifully colored and framed.

creative colors 100 mandalas

100 Creaties Mandalas (100 Creations) Video Review

Where to buy 100 Creaties Mandalas (100 Creations) Coloring Book

It is very difficult to buy online and it is often showing out of stock. However, it does come back in stock so be sure and check the “notify me” button.

Amazon UK Book Depository

Other round mandala books by the same company.

Update: 27 September 2016 – a lovely reader, Anthony, has contacted me and advised that he was able to order this mandala book and the new one from   Here is the link to the product page for this book.    Here is the link to the product page for the new book.    The second book,  100 Creaties Flowers is still not available 🙁

I have purchased from Boi before, and the site is reputable 🙂  When I checked the mandalas were out of stock but Anthony has struck gold and was able to order both books and was told that it would be free shipping to the UK.

The site is all in Dutch but if you use the  Google web browser, Chrome, it will do instant translations for you.     Hope that helps UK and Europe readers!  Big thank you to Anthony for the update and sharing his experience! xxx
Happy coloring x





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    • They are gorgeous! Wish they were easier to obtain – so different from my other books!

      • The website can also be translated in English where the Dutch flag (red white blue stripes) is on the right of the page. They also ship to Australia, I don’t know it’s free, but every order of €20 or more is free for most buyers (I don’t know if that is also for buyers outside of the Netherlands and Belgium). I have checked every Dutch site who sells the flower book, but it is still out of stock. I have seen this coloring book in a Dutch store, but only saw the round books, not the flower book.



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