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Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge Coloring Book Review

Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Kerby Rosanes
Published by Plume Books on April 11th 2017
Style: double page printing, Interactive
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover, Glue & Stitched

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Fans of adult coloring books will love the intricate, imaginative illustrations of Kerby Rosanes, the artist behind the Sketchy Stories blog. The fantastically detailed style fans have come to know and love through his previous New York Times bestselling coloring books Animorphia and Imagimorphia is back, and just as awesomely-complex as before. Dragons, unicorns, griffins and other mythical creatures morph and explode into astounding detail. Bring each imagination-bending image to life with color and find the objects hidden throughout the book."

Mythomorphia: An Extreme Coloring and Search Challenge Coloring Book Review

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Mythomorphia Coloring Book Video Review

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Mythomorphia Coloring Book  Review

Mythomorphia is the third colouring book by master doodle artist Kerby Rosanes.    His first colouring book Animorphia shot to the best seller list with its intricate animal and doodle morph designs.    This was followed by Imagimorphia where his imagination was let loose in the world morphing objects, designs and animals.    In Mythomorphia it is mythology that has been treated to the Derby Rosanes intricacy.     Mystical creatures fill each page of this book, which differs from his previous works.

In Mythomorphia you will find gnomes, trolls and even goblins.   As you would expect from a book on mythology there are illustrations of Cerberus, Cyclops, Anubis and Hydra.   You will also find beautiful nymphs, a mermaid and merman and one of my favourites, the Sandman.    There is an amazing selection of animals like Unicorns, dragons and even a werewolf, as well as the more unusual,  like an ogre and a yeti.        If you love colouring fantasy art,  enjoy mythology and love detail you are sure to want this book.

Personally,  I think that Mythomorphia will be more appealing to colorists than his previous books (although I love them as well).     In Mythomorphia Kerby has created the bulk of the intricate and detailed art work as scenes or stories sans the cute doodles, that feature heavily in his first two colouring books.   Usually his books feature a morph between one element that is complemented by cute little doodles and smiley happy faces.    Mythomorphia only features one double page spread that really reflects that style.

Even without the doodles that played heavily in his first colouring books, Mythomorphia is still extremely detailed and intricate with imagination galore in each of his drawings.    

However,  the colouring book has more open spaced elements than the previous ones, making it far less daunting to color for colorists with a minor visual impairment.

Cover & Layout

The black cover has a slight texture to it.   On the cover you will see a design of a dragon with the signature doodle morph on it. An extended image of this cover art has been included in the book for you to color.    The title, artist’s name and a doodle are coloured in neon yellow (in the edition printed in the US).

The cover art wraps around the book and features line art on the back cover as well.        If you wished you could color the line art but really there is plenty to color inside.

The book measures 25cm x 25cm approximately and is the same size as his previous colouring books.

Ancillary Pages

A beautifully illustrated title page commences the book.   Over leaf you will find an elaborate artist title page and an intricate nameplate page.       These pages are followed by a double page spread showing copyright information on one side and a message from the artist, Kerby Rosanes on the other.  Any of these pages would be a great place to test out your  mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring style.

Water based markers like Tombow and Zig Water Brush markers do not bleed or ghost on the paper.    You can see my test below.

The trees were colored with Tombow and Zig Water Brushes (both water based) The bird was colored with a copic marker (alcohol based)

As always,  alcohol based markers like copic, bic and sharpie should not be used on double sided coloring books (unless you are willing to sacrifice the reverse page).   In my image below you can see the bird colored with copic bled to the other side of the paper.

The only bleed through was from the alcohol based copic marker

As always,  Mythomorphia is an interactive coloring book.   There are a variety of objects to find in the coloring book and an answer key at the back of the book detailing where they can be located.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the white, medium quality paper.    The paper is very sturdy.     Although there are a number of double page scenes within the book a clever layout ensures you will not have difficulty coloring near the gutter of the book.   Each illustration ends a couple of millimeters before the center of the book to ensure that no part of the illustration is lost in the binding of the book.

The binding lays down quite well after just two flip throughs of the book, and I am confident that it will relax with further use.

Mythomorphia Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in Mythomorphia are appealing to a broad range of colorists.     Kerby Rosanes has managed to incorporate a number of images that have mass appeal like gnomes, mermaids and fairy like creatures.    Colorists that love coloring realistic animals are also well catered for with the array of animals that feature in mythology.

For me,   Mythomorphia is not as intimidating as Kerby Rosanes previous offerings.   Although the art is detailed it is not as tightly packed with small elements as in Animorphia and Imagimorphia.

The line art in Mythomorphia is crisp, black and very easy to see.   The line weight is generally a medium but finer details have been drawn in a fine weight.    Kerby Rosanes always has a lot of detail in his art work and even though this does not heavily feature the doodles we know him for it still features a lot of detail on the page.   In this book,   the details all tend to belong and flow with the image rather than the contrast of fun doodles.

A lot of the art work in this book, particularly the water based scenes, reminds me of  Japanese tattoo art and design.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”8352″]

Detail Level


Where to buy Mythomorphia

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Happy coloring x



About Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes is a young Phillipines based illustrator. He primarily works with pen and ink. His work is renowned for the intricate doodle designs that are incorporated throughout the image. He worked previously as a graphic designer but has since left this position to pursue the amazing world of art. Be prepared, to set aside some serious coloring time if you embark on coloring one of his illustrations!

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