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Franciens kattenkleurboek om te versturen Coloring Postcards Review

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by Francien van Westering
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Glue Binding, Postcards
Franciens kattenkleurboek om te versturen Coloring Postcards Review

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Franciens kattenkleurboek om te versturen Coloring Postcards Video Review

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Franciens kattenkleurboek om te versturen Coloring Postcards  Review

A lovely reader recommended Francien van Westering’s coloring books to me a while ago.     Francien creates beautifully illustrated cat coloring books among her many talents.   I was able to locate this Dutch artist’s larger sized coloring book featuring an array of gorgeous cats easily enough, and reviewed it a while ago.   However, the small set of cat coloring postcards proved more difficult, with the cards being out of stock for a little while.    Fortunately,  my kitty cat postcards finally arrived and are now cuddled on the shelf with the larger book.

Cover & Layout

The cover features a pink cover with a scaled down illustration from one of the cards on the front cover.     On the back cover, there are three colored thumbnails of cats which feature in the larger coloring book.

The set of postcards is pocket sized and quite small as it contains only 8 cards.

The postcards measure 15cm x 11cm.


Eight postcards all with a focal point of a cat have been provided in this postcard book.   Each illustration is printed on white, thick card stock and has some form of border around it.    Two of  the cards also have some text in Dutch on them.

There is one blank card at the end of the book that you could use as a support page or to test out your colors.

The reverse of each card is very plain with just lines for addressee details and stamp.

After I had leafed through the cards twice, they came away from the glue binding.   To ensure that I do not accidentally lose a card, I have placed the postcard book in a ziplock bag 🙂

Franciens kattenkleurboek om te versturen Postcard Images and Illustrations

Francien van Westerling has a real knack for drawing cats.   She manages to capture their “catness” in each illustration.  I adore cats because they are so independent and in control.   They have a wonderful look of disdain that they bestow on their humans regularly.   Francien manages to capture all of these expressions in the drawings, so you feel that you know the personality of each cat.

In each of the illustrations the cat is the main focal point and takes up the bulk of the page.

You will find cats in poses and places that any cat owner knows well,  sitting on the chair, into the art supplies and basking on the window sill.

The line art is black and crisp and has the feeling to it that it is hand drawn as opposed to digitally created.   Line weight varies between fine and medium line weight.    The medium weight has been used for definition and outlines while the fine weight is for shading and texture.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”9103″]

Detail Level

Low High

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