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Droomreis Coloring Book Review

Droomreis Kleurboek Buy on Amazon UK
by Maria Trolle
Format: Hard back

Droomreis Coloring Book is the Dutch imprint of the Swedish coloring book, Vivi Soker en Van (Vivi is looking for a friend) by Swedish coloring book illustrator, Maria Trolle.

Droomreis Coloring Book Review

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Droomreis Coloring Book Video Review

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Droomreis Coloring Book  Review

Droomreis is the Dutch imprint edition of  Vivi Soker en Van by Swedish artist,  Maria Trolle.

Vivi was released as a children’s story book and as a coloring book in Sweden.    The coloring book has now been published in The Netherlands.     Often,  when there is a different edition of a coloring book like a Dutch edition or an English edition the cost of acquiring the book lowers.    This may be because you are in a country where the book is freely distributed and in your own currency.    The  Droomreis edition allows people to purchase this coloring book worldwide as it is distributed through  Book Depository as well as other channels (currently out of stock).    Prior to that, non Swedish residents had to purchase from a Swedish bookstore or the Swedish publishers marketplace.   When you take into account currency exchange and shipping costs it could be an expensive purchase.

One of my niggles with Vivi was that the book was not hard back but a card cover.    For my coloring book organisation, I would have preferred a hard back to “match” Maria’s other books,  Blomster Mandala,  Twilight Garden and now Skymningstimman . Not only would they align on the shelf nicely but they also have that luxurious feel that I associate with my precious Swedish coloring books. Thankfully, Droomreis is hardback so it looks gorgeous with its friends on my shelf!

There are some pages that are a little tight in the binding compared to Vivi (bottom) which has a small space

Cover & Layout

The cover art on Droomreis differs from that on Vivi Soker en Van with lovely line art and partially coloring.   The cover art is a page from the book that you can color as well.    The black cloth spine has gold title, artist and logo on it.   The back cover features line art from the book of Vivi riding a bird and her dress is in gold.     Text on the back of the book is in Dutch.

As soon as  you touch it,  you feel the luxury and elegance of the book that we normally associate with Swedish coloring books and the lovely Magical Delights from Klara Markova.

The inside cover is protected with matt black paper.

Small difference to the first pages on Droomreis on the left compared to Vivi on the right

Ancillary Pages

Some of the pages have been changed in Droomreis from how they appear in Vivi.   At the start of the book, the two cute cats on a leaf has been incorporated into the line art.   This was previously on the back cover of Vivi.   See the video for the full side by side comparison.

Some double page scenes have been incorporated in Droomreis with additional art work


Droomreis Coloring Book has a stiffer binding than that of Vivi or of Maria’s other hard back books.    It may loosen with time however.

There are some illustrations that feature double page or three quarter page printing that were single paged illustrations in Vivi.

The paper is a medium to heavy paper and feels very similar to the paper used in Vivi.

In Vivi the pages were perforated and there was a small space between the illustration and the perforation mark for ease of removal.     In Droomreis the pages are not perforated and some of the pages merge into the spine.

Text that was previously printed in Swedish is now in Dutch on the illustrations.  If you are like me and cannot speak either language, this will not bother you.

Text is now in Dutch rather than Swedish and is larger

Droomreis Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Vivi is such a whimsical and sweet story of a little girl and her friends in the wood.    This was the first time we seen Maria Trolle tackle people in her coloring books and move and expand beyond flowers.    The addition of the little girl and the cute critters in this book make it a firm favorite with me.

There are gorgeous flowers that are beautifully illustrated, quirky bird houses, cute critters and of course, Vivi in this book.    It is a well rounded book that offers the colorist a variety of different scenes and elements to color in a beautifully presented book.

there are some illustrations that have a pre printed black background on them.    There are 8 pages in Droomreis where the illustration spans both pages but the bulk of the illustrations are single paged.     In Vivi there were no double page scenes at all.

All of the illustrations that have been included in Vivi have been included in Droomreis with some additional elements added to allow for some double page scenes.

Detail Level

Low High

Quick Comparison

Droomreis Pros

  • Hardback cover
  • Some double page scenes provide additional art work previously not seen
  • Cost could be lower, depending on where you live

Droomreis Cons

  • Binding stiffer compared to Vivi
  • Some of the art work does merge into the spine (only a few pages though)
  • Pages are not perforated (which could be a plus depending on how you feel about perforation)

Where to buy Droomreis Coloring Book

Amazon UK Book Depository-currently out of stock

Happy coloring x



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Maria Trolle is a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer.

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