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Lifestyle of Lovely Venus Coloring Book Review

Lifestyle of Lovely Venus Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Lee II Sun
Style: Paper: medium quality, single page illustrations
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue Binding

Venus the Goddess of Love and beauty shows us that even though the world can sometimes be a hard place we still have not lost the beauty in the everyday life and the happiness that you can find.

Lifestyle of Lovely Venus Coloring Book Review

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Lifestyle of Lovely Venus Coloring Book  Review

There are three books in this series by Korean artist,  Lee II-Sun all of which are in a sweet and whimsical style that is easy to fall in love with.

Cover & Layout

A lightly textured dust jacket protects the coloring book.    Pastel colored images contrast against some purple foiling on elements and the frame around the title.

As there are three books in this series, it could be easy to confuse them on your shelf.  Fortunately, the publishers have thought of that and given them each a different colored spine.    The spine for this one is a lovely purple.

The coloring book has a glossy cover with the same art as the dust jacket printed in gold on it.

Lifestyle of Lovely Venus coloring book measures 25cm x 25cm which is the same as the others in the series.


Ancillary Pages

There are tan toned protective pages at the front and back of the book.

The first five pages of the coloring book have illustrations with some pre coloring on it and a pastel colored facing page.    These pages are helpful if, like me, you have difficulty choosing colors but some colorists may find that the pre selected color scheme limits their choice.  Fortunately, the balance of the coloring book does not have any pre colored images.


The coloring book illustrations have been printed on one side of the off white, sturdy, medium quality paper.  On the reverse, there is some text in Korean.

There are no double page scenes in the book.

All of the images have been orientated portrait style.

Art Work

The illustrations in this book are sweet and whimsical.   They tell a subtle story of  the things that make the lovely Goddess happy by appreciating the beauty around her.     In true story book form the images take us from the single Goddess to meeting her beloved, marrying him and moving into their happy home.  Along the way there are children, parties, activities and even a new pet. You will find beautiful interiors of full rooms and elements within a room, lovely ladies,  images that signify romance – including the proposal, invite, wedding dress and wedding ring.

There is a massive variety of different types of textures to color in this book including timber, metals, crystals, flowers, clothing and lovely crystals.

The line art is black, crisp and very easy to see.  However, most pictures have a lot of small elements within the page which may be challenging for those with a visual impairment or motor impairment.

As an art book, the illustrations are very sweet and soothing and you could enjoy looking at beautiful gardens, lush fruit and sweet woodland animals.

Detail Level


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