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Art Trips With Muse Coloring Book Review

Art Trips With Muse Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Lee II Sun
Style: Paper: medium quality, single page illustrations
Format: Dust Jacket
Art Trips With Muse Coloring Book Review

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Art Trips With Muse Coloring Book  Review

There are three coloring books in this series by prolific Korean illustrator Lee II Sun.   Out of  the three, this one has long been my favorite.    It’s so sweetly whimsical with quirky pictures that I really identify with.    This artist has such a sense of playfulness though that it would be hard to dislike any coloring book they produce.

Cover & Layout

A matt dust jacket protects the coloring book.   Printed in pastel shades and highlighted with electric blue foiling on the cover, it looks elegant and sweet at first glance.   The only negative is that the dust jacket can attract a little wear and tear and smudging.   If you are using it often, I would protect it further by covering in plastic wrap.

The coloring book proper has a glossy white cover with art printed in gold (not foiled).

Art Trips with Muse is the same size as the other coloring books in the series, measuring in at 25cm x 25cm.


Ancillary Pages

A toned color page forms a protective sheet front and back for the book.

There is a colored title page which is the only place to test out your mediums.



At the start of the book, you will find 5 illustrations that all have some elements colored on them.  The reverse of these pages has been printed in pastel shades so you can easily identify these pages.   The balance of the pages does not have colored elements.

Some colorists may love the predefined colors helping them with the color selection but others may not like these color choices.  Of course, you could try and color over any colored bits that you don’t fancy, but that seems like it could be a lot of trouble.

Illustrations have been printed on one side only of the paper with text in Korean on the reverse.

All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style.

Art Work

The artwork is sweetly whimsical.    I’d love to be able to read the text and find out more about the muse.  Even without it, the images flow together and set a story.

A girl features throughout the book but she is drawn in cartoon style making it less intimidating for those that fear realistic coloring of people. This is followed by all things sweet;  fluffy puppies, teddy bears, carousels and flower fairies will all charm you.

Throughout the book, there is a nod to the “art” component of the title with sketchbook drawings, paintbrushes, and pencils forming part of illustrations

Many of the illustrations have a fairy tale feel with a dash of Romeo and Juliet.   The artist has also considered other forms of  “art”.  For the writer a gorgeous vintage typewriter, musicians feature multiple instruments and even what looks like a jukebox inspired by vintage Wurlitzer. Photographers, cinematographers, dancers, actors, and jugglers all have pages dedicated to them.

As it has a travel theme in the title, the trips include tropical paradises, sweet cities and carriage rides above the clouds.

There is something for everyone in this coloring book for fans of whimsy.

Line art in this coloring book is clear, crisp and a dull black.  The line weight varies between thin and medium throughout making it easy to see.

Varying levels of detail have been included in the book.   A lot of the images have large open elements of space making it easier to color for colorists with arthritis or motor skill challenges.     There are also more detailed images as well.

The style of art comprises mainly outlines, on the whole, making it easy for colorists of all skill types to enjoy the book.

Detail Level


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Happy coloring x



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