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Dingles Dolly Coloring Book Review

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by Grace Drayton
Style: double page printing
Format: Soft cover

Packed full of Grace Drayton's illustrated dolls that you can color in and enjoy

Dingles Dolly Coloring Book Review

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Dingles Dolly Coloring Book  Review

Dingles Dolly Coloring Book is a Korean coloring book filled with paper dolls.     This may not be a coloring book for everyone.  If you are a fan of  paper dolls and feel nostalgic for this era it may appeal to you.  If you are a fan of the art work created by Grace Drayton you might enjoy this stroll down memory lane.

Cover & Layout

Dingles Dolly Coloring Book has a soft cover with a slightly textured feel to it.    The cover contains colored dolls and their clothes and accessories.   As you can see from the cover, the tabs that are used with paper dolls are shown indicating the content inside.    The title is in English with some Korean text but does  not denote in English that this book is full of paper dolls.  There are a number of books in this Dingles Dolly series including postcards but you do need to hunt around for them.

The back cover features a wall paper background of flowers and a few small images of paper doll outfits.

There is nothing to color in on the front, back or inner covers.   The front inner cover contains some colored thumbnails of  books also produced by the same publisher.   The back contains text in Korean and seems to contain a little bio about Grace Drayton.

Dingles Dolly Coloring Book measures 25cm x 25cm.

Ancillary Pages

The title page shows a small colored Dolly Dingle.    This is the only spot to test out your mediums and see how they perform with the paper.


The pages have been printed on both sides of the medium weight paper.  Unusually in a coloring book, many of the pages have been printed in color.  At the start of the book a pre colored Dolly Dingle and outfits, some on the front cover, are available for you to cut out and play with.  On each facing page there is a colored illustration which is beautiful – flowers, planes, galoshes, bunnies, birds and bears all in lovely color which has a watercolor feel to it.

My only quibble with these dolls is that, in my opinion,  to be played with and enjoyed, the dolls would need to be on heavier paper.   Personally,  I would cut out my dolls and stick them to cardstock to ensure they last some rough adult play 🙂

Dingles Dolly Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Before I purchased this book,   I wasn’t familiar with Dolly Dingle and her friends but I have had a lot of fun getting to know her through these pages.    On each paper doll page you will find a doll, outfits and sometimes accessories.       There are Halloween themes, bedtime, summer days and even Christmas time styled clothes and accessories in the book.

The art work has all been well positioned on the page for you to carefully cut out with scissors after you have colored it in.    The lines are a medium to thick weight in crisp black making it a great book for those with a minor visual impairment or to color with a child.

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