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Mucha Fantasy Coloring Book Review

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Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, single page illustrations
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue Binding

The art work of Alphonse Mucha has been lovingly produced in this coloring book for adults together with images to inspire you.

Mucha Fantasy Coloring Book Review

Mucha Fantasy Coloring Book  Video Review

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Mucha Fantasy  Coloring Book  Review

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech artist that is well known for his posters and postcards.    He was contracted to provide the art work advertising for the plays of actress Sarah Bernhardt for which he is well known for.     His work featured lithe, classical women  clean, languid lines.

His range of  artwork developed and was expanded into a number of areas including jewellery, carpets and wallpaper.     The look became well known and was often referred to as The Mucha Style which evolved into Art Nouvea.

His work, when studied, shows an amazing beauty when color is added. It seems to have a luminous quality to it in some pieces, that highlights the  line art and all the careful blending and shading.

In every city in the world  I am sure that there is a poster shop selling reproductions of prints by Mucha because his work is so widely known and loved internationally.

Cover & Layout

It’s unusual to have a soft cover colouring book that has a dust jacket, but everything about renowned Czech artist,  Alphonse Mucha was unusual, so why should the colouring book be different 🙂

A glossy dust jacket featuring one of his coloured art works adorns the cover.     A smaller coloured profile picture adorns the back, with a background of  sky blue diagonal stripes.

Underneath the dust jacket, the cover of the book features the sky blue diagonal stripes with a white text title.

The book is approximately A4 sized measuring in at approximately (28.5cm x 21.3cm)  roughly 11 1/4 in x 8 1/4

Ancillary Pages

This part art book, part colouring book is divided into two parts.    The first half is printed on color printing paper and features at the start of the book a double page fold out of “The Slav Epic”.   On one side, is a reprint of this beautiful work of art and on the reverse is the line art, if you wished to tackle this piece yourself.

The Slav Epic fold out poster

A page of  text in Japanese follows which features flowers on the left side printed in a crimson brown line art that you could color.   

This is followed by 7 pages featuring coloured thumbnails of each image included in the book.     In addition to the image, details of the picture have been provided (in both Japanese and English text) as well as page numbers.

At the rear of the book,  another fold out poster features “The Slav Epic” with both a coloured reprint and line art on the reverse for you to color as well.


The illustrations are printed on single sided, smooth white paper.   The paper is at the heavy end of a medium quality.    On the reverse of each image you will find the page number and details about the picture in Japanese and English.  At the top of  each page there is a space to write the date that you colored the picture, if  you wished.

Each image has a black border around it which nicely frames the picture.   This border also ensures that you will not have to color close to the spine area of the book.

The glue binding on this book is very relaxed.   Just opening the book twice has caused several of the line art coloring pages to fall out of the book 

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The Illustrations are all based on the well known art works of  Alphonse Mucha.    You will find the following line art illustrations within the book:

  • Sarah Bernhardt, Poster for Magazine “La Plume”
  • Poster for Play “La Dame aux Camelias”  Half size picture
  • Poster for Play  “Gismonda” Half size picture
  • Zodiac
  • The Four Flowers: Carnation:    Half size picture
  • The Four Flowers:  Lily:   Half Size picture
  • The Four Flowers: Rose  Half Size picture
  • The Four Flowers: Iris  Half Size picture
  • Documents Décoratifs – Plate 40
  • Reverie
  • Documents Décoratifs – Plate 41
  • Ivy
  • Laurel
  • Magazine cover of “L’art Photographique” No 1
  • The Four Arts: Dance
  • Poster for  “The Monte Carlo Casino Concert”
  • Poster for Cigarette Paper “Job”
  • Poster for Monaco-Monte-Calrlo”
  • “Le Pater” Verse 4
  • “Le Pater” Verse 6
  • Poster for Ballet Pantomime “Princess Hyacinth”
  • Poster for the 10th anniversary of the Independence of Czechoslovakia – 1918-1928
  • Poster for the Exhibition of the Slav Epic
  • Poster for the Exhibition of Mucha’s Works at the Salon des Cent

The art work has been printed in a dull black.      It has a hand drawn sketchy feel to it as appropriate to the era that it  was drawn in. The line weight and line color intensity varies throughout the images and the books as is the nature of hand drawn art work.

Mucha’s line art is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity and refinement.   All of his drawings have a casual elegance to them that always makes me think of the glamorous era of Art Nouvea.   

Colorists that have minor visual impairment, may find that the hand drawn look is not as easy to see, as the crispness of digitalised art work.   In addition, many of the pieces have fine details that are tightly packed on the page even though surrounding elements may have larger open spaces.    This may be a book that you take your time colouring small areas at a time rather than try and approach all the detail at once.   

Colorists that love fashion, colouring skin and hair and excel with blending and shading would love this book.    It gives the colorists a lot of opportunity to either mimic the work of  Mucha or use your own color schemes.       Many of these pages would look great when colored by colorists that are new or less skilled at coloring.   Colorists that have more skills and experience, would find that they could create an entirely different look to the picture using their techniques.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”8475″]


At the rear of the book there are some pages of little treats to cut out and color – 2 postcards, a biscuit box and 4 bookmarks.    All of these items are printed on the same paper.      Whilst the paper is not perforated, pages can be removed from the book quite easily and through use.    Each page in the bonus section contains a cutting guide line for use.

Detail Level


Where to buy Mucha Fantasy Coloring Book

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