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Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami

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by Barbara Sobczyńska
Style: single page illustrations
Format: Glue Binding, Soft cover

Color your cares away with these adorable puppies in various funny situations. Packed with beautiful and detailed illustrations and a variety of canine breeds will keep you coloring for hours.

Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami

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Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami Video  Review

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Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami Review

This cute Polish coloring book with a dog theme was recommended to me by a reader (thank you, Joanna!).  The artist, Barbara Sobczyńska also has a cute book based on cats which I also ordered, and it was also recommended by Joanna.    Joanna has certainly selected a winner because this coloring book is both cute and beautifully detailed and of terrific value.   I was not sure what to expect when I ordered, because it didn’t have a cover photo, displaying online here.

Cover & Layout

Szczeniaki is A4-sized with a glossy cover.  The front cover features a partially colored image from the coloring book.     The image showing the puppies sleeping on the bed, surrounded by the detail in the room is an accurate representation of the type and style of artwork you will find within the book.

On the back cover, there are 9 thumbnail images that have been partially colored from within the book.    Often the thumbnail images that we see for a book on the back cover are not colored.    I have to say, for a colorist on training wheels like me, this partial colored look is far more appealing and inspiring to me.   One of the illustrations reminds me so of Little Red Riding Hood  (it’s just adorable!).

Szczeniaki measures 28.5 cm x 20cm approximately  11.5 in x 7.8 in)

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page starts the book.   Over the page, there is some text in Polish, which I believe is a quote, and the gorgeous puppies from the cover image to color.    These two pages would be the best place to test out your mediums and your color palettes.


The 30 illustrations are printed on white, trade stock paper.   On the reverse of each image, there is a quote from someone well known like Zygmunt Freud, Alex Alexander Milne, and Erma Bombeck to name a few.    The quote is in Polish but I believe that the theme of the quotes may relate to dogs, but I am not sure.

Each illustration has a black border around it nicely framing the image.    All of the illustrations have been well centered and positioned on the page away from the spine.     At the moment, the binding is a little stiff but will loosen up with use.    Colorists will not experience any difficulty coloring near the spine area as each image has been positioned approximately 1cm from the spine.

Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in this dog-themed coloring book are just gorgeous!    The artist has managed to capture the personality of each variety of dogs in the illustrations.   It makes me want to reach through the page and give them a cuddle.

Often in coloring books that are based on a particular theme like dogs, there is an element of sameness about the dogs included in the book.    Not so in this coloring book.      There is a wide variety of puppies (and some aristocratic Persian cats as well).   You will find sad-faced spaniels, Dalmatians, and terriers among others.

As well as the gorgeous puppies included in the book there are other animals to color as well.     Chirpy cockatoos, cute kittens, and even sheep feature in the book!

Barbara Sobczyńska illustrates with such detail that you feel that you know the scene that has been included.     You will find gorgeous interior scenes with masses of details featuring dogs on beds, stairs, and comfy pillows.     There are also outdoor scenes as well featuring the head out the car window (always a favorite with my dog), sleeping in a field of flowers among a flock of sheep, and even terrorizing the postman.

There is real humor in the images as well which if anyone has ever had a puppy would identify with.     The sneaky sausage burglar taking advantage of an open fridge, sleeping in the washing basket, and even grabbing the newspaper.

Barbara has managed to capture the real essence of all the puppies that I have ever known.   The sad face on the paws,  the little accidents that they have on the floor, and the use of your clothes as a chew toy,    It makes me so nostalgic (my puppy used to love to toilet paper the house – it would look like a snowstorm).

Each illustration is beautifully detailed with the artist using the bulk of the page.   Colorists that have visual impairment may find that although beautiful to look at the amount of small tightly packed detail in many images will be too challenging.

Where to buy Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami

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Happy coloring x



About Barbara Sobczyńska

Barbara Sobczyńska is a Polish illustrator educated at  Jagiellonian University in Kraków.  Barbara’s illustrations have graced many book covers.       Her art work shows that she is very versatile with many of her illustrations having a darker theme.    Barbara has created two coloring books one based on dogs and the other on cats.

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