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Koty Kolorowanka Antystresowa Coloring Book Review

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by Barbara Sobczyńska
on 1 January 2015
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 64
Format: Soft cover

Return to the carefree world of childhood and enjoy coloring these gorgeous cats - the most "pacifying" animals and real soul wizards.

Koty Kolorowanka Antystresowa Coloring Book Review

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Koty Kolorowanka Antystresowa Coloring Book  Review

I’m so lucky to have lovely readers who suggest books to me.     One of my readers recommended Polish coloring book artist,   Barbara Sobczyńska,  to me a while ago.    I quickly grabbed her coloring book,   Szczeniaki Antystresowa Kolorowanka z Aforyzmami,  which is dog themed.   The companion book,   Koty, which is based on cats proved more difficult to order.     Of course, when a coloring book is proving elusive for me or difficult to locate that just makes me want it more 🙂

Cover & Layout

Koty is an approximately A4-sized coloring book that features a glossy cover.   On the cover, you will see a partially colored image of a contented cat sitting on plump cushions.    On the rear cover, you will see 9 partially colored thumbnails from the coloring book.

This lovely cat coloring book measures 28cm x 20 cm approximately (11in x 7.8in)

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page commences the book.   This would be the best place to test out your color palettes and mediums.  There is a page of text, in Polish,  between the second and third images of the book.   Presumably, this is a note from the author, although it has not been signed.


Koty Coloring book has illustrations printed on one side of the paper.   On the reverse of each image, there is a quote, in Polish, from someone well known.     I am not 100% certain, but believe the quote relates to cats to fit the theme of the coloring book.    The paper is white and trade stock quality.    If you are coloring within the book,  it would be wise to pop a piece of paper between the images to avoid pencil impressions and bleed through to other pages.

Koty Kolorowanka Antystresowa Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Inside the Koty coloring book, you will find 30 detailed illustrations based on cats.     What I love about this Polish coloring book is that the artist has used a variety of cats of different breeds, shapes, and sizes within the book.     There are sleek cats,  cute kittens, and fluffy cats.   All of the cats have been drawn in a semi-realistic manner and seem to be filled with personality.    There are some cats that have the wide-eyed sweetness of a kitten about them and others that perfectly capture the look of disdain that cats do so well.

Whilst the cats and kittens in the book have a realistic feel to the drawings the scenes and situations they find themselves in vary from the realistic to the imaginative.   You will find cats, as expected, cuddled up on cushions and beds and playing with balls of wool.

You will also find cats in little outfits.    There is an image of a very aristocratic cat dressed up in Royal garb with a little crown on her head.   Every time I look at the picture I think of the Russian blue, Persian cat I had in my childhood who had that same look given every day to her humans!

The cats in the Koty coloring book do not confine themselves to the home either.  You will find them exploring the outdoors, in a gondola, and even hovering in outer space.

You will even find a creepy cat image in the coloring book of a skeletal cat that is labeled “Kot Schrodingera”.     A YouTube viewer reminded me of this and prompted me to research what a “Schrodingera” was.  Although I know Pavlov’s dog well I hadn’t heard of Schrodingera’s cat.   According to Wikipedia:-

Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects. The scenario presents a cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead, a state known as a quantum superposition, as a result of being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur. The thought experiment is also often featured in theoretical discussions of the interpretations of quantum mechanics. Schrödinger coined the term Verschränkung (entanglement) in the course of developing the thought experiment.”

Yet another reason to love coloring books ….I always end up learning something new!

The line art in Koty is a dull black and has a real hand-drawn feel to it.  Some images have varying line weights and color changes as you often find with hand-drawn artwork.

Most of the images have a lot of background elements and those elements are often detailed as well.      For that reason,   the book may not be suitable for colorists that have a minor visual impairment as the pages are filled with detailed imagery.

Each image has been outlined in a thick, black border.      The image including the border finishes a few millimeters short of the spine area making this area easier to color and avoiding images merging into the spine of the book.

Detail Level


Where to buy  Koty Kolorowanka Antystresowa Coloring Book

Please note Amazon US and Amazon Canada have third-party sellers selling the book which is very expensive.

Amazon UK Book Depository


Happy coloring x



About Barbara Sobczyńska

Barbara Sobczyńska is a Polish illustrator educated at  Jagiellonian University in Kraków.  Barbara’s illustrations have graced many book covers.       Her art work shows that she is very versatile with many of her illustrations having a darker theme.    Barbara has created two coloring books one based on dogs and the other on cats.

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