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Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Review

Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Buy from Etailer
by Mariola Budek
Style: double page printing
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Polish coloring book filled with a variety of images featuring animals, beautiful girls with flowing hair and fairy houses.

Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Review

Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Review Video Review

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Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Review

This Polish coloring book has a title that roughly translates to Fairyland coloring book.    The artist,  Mariola Budek, has created a number of children’s books. This appears to have been a useful experience for her with her first coloring book, which is aimed at adult colorists.

Cover & Layout

The cover of Kraina Basni is a matte laminate that features a collage of images from within the book that has been partially colored in bold and bright colors. You can see instantly from the cover that it is a coloring book and the style of artwork that the artist uses. Illustrations are heavily patterned in the book, as depicted on the cover.

The images on the front cover feature a cat in a quarter moon, a cute bird in flight, and a young girl.

A purple spine complements the colors used on the cover of the book and features the title in white text.

On the rear cover, we can see a lovely tree in line art that has cute birdhouses and a number of colored elements surrounding it, of birds and flowers.

Kraina Basni measures approximately 25cm x 26cm (9.8 in x 10.5 in)

Ancillary Pages

The cover art has been printed in line art form for you to color in as well. This is followed by copyright information overleaf, on a beautifully decorated page. These pages would be the best place to test out your mediums and see how they react with the paper and your coloring style.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the smooth white paper. The paper is at the lighter end of medium and would be best used with colored pencils.

All of the artwork has been orientated portrait style within the coloring book.

Whilst there are some double-page scenes within the book this does not impact the coloring of the pages. All of the pages have been laid out with a cutting line that runs approximately 1 cm from the spine. This means, that even double-page scenes do not abut the spine. It is a shame that the publishers have gone to the effort to ensure that illustrations do not run near the spine, but have printed on both sides of the paper.

Some of the pages feature snippets of text in Polish on them. I would love to know what they meant and if they formed a story about this Fairyland.

Notice the dotted cutting line, 1 cm from the spine. This is on every page, even double-page scenes like this one. The pages are not perforated but the cutting line is useful if you wish to remove the page from the coloring book[/caption]

Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Review  Images and Illustrations

The title of the book is Fairyland in English. There are some illustrations that are reflective of things that we find in fairy tales like dragons, elves, and fairy houses. On the whole, though, the title does not seem to suit the theme of the book, and it lacks the flow and feel of a fairy tale storybook to it. Personally, I think I will stick with the Polish name of the book and file this coloring book as one that contains various whimsical illustrations.

Inside we will find a variety of images of lovely animals that are heavily patterned like cats, birds, horses, and butterflies. There are whimsical girls, cute little buildings, and elaborate tree houses.   You will also find some detailed mandalas throughout the book.

Adorning many of the pictures you will find an abundance of flowers including roses and snowdrops.

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment will be delighted that the line art is crisp, black, and very easy to see in this coloring book. The line weight varies between a medium and heavy bold line which tends to give the completed pages a lot of definition.

Some of the artwork has areas of open space that are easier to color if you have a visual impairment.  Approximately half of the book is more tightly packed in detail, which can be difficult to color if you have a minor visual impairment or some health issues like arthritis.

Detail Level


Where to buy  Kraina Baśni Coloring Book Review

I purchased this cute Polish coloring book from this bookstore. They do ship worldwide, but if you are in doubt, you can always email them and ask. Although the book is available on Amazon, it has been listed by a third-party seller and the list price is ridiculously high averaging between $30-$44 USD. For that reason, I am not recommending purchasing from Amazon.

You can purchase Kraina Basni Coloring Book from this Etailer

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