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Pocket Coloring Book Review

Pocket Coloring Book Buy from the Artist/Author
by Jeremiah Ketner
Published by Self Published Style: Digital PDF, single page illustrations
Pages: 22
Format: Digital download, Express Bullet Point Review

Enjoy coloring 22 gorgeous sprites by well known artist Jeremiah Ketner.

Pocket  Coloring Book Review

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Pocket Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of   Coloring Book illustrated by Jeremiah Ketner.

Sprite Illustration from Pocket Coloring Book by Jeremiah Ketner

Pocket Coloring Book Cover & Layout

I have been following Jeremiah Ketner for a while now and subscribe to his Patreon program.   I’m a fan of the detailed and cute artwork that he creates.   As well as his coloring pages I love watching him use watercolors.   He makes it look so easy!  I knew Jeremiah was releasing a coloring book and as soon as I saw that it was available I purchased it.   Silly me,  I should have checked my Patreon account first, as his patrons received the book (depending on their pledge level) as part of their patronage.

Jeremiah’s first coloring book is pocket-sized in A5 format. At the time of writing, is only available as a digital download/pdf file.    Personally,  I’m a fan of downloads as I am running out of room for physical books and I like being able to choose the paper and pages that I print out.

Illustration from Pocket Coloring Book by Jeremiah Ketner

Art Work

Jeremiah illustrates gorgeous little faces of little girls that have a Kawai style.   Each drawing features a lot of detail and definition making it easier to color especially for beginners.    The faces also feature other elements to color including hair accessories, partial clothing, and flowers.

The faces have all been illustrated with different profiles, face on, side on, wide-eyed and eyes closed.   This gives the colorist a wide variety of different poses to practice adding shadows and other coloring techniques.

As the artwork has been drawn in a thick black line it is very easy to see.   This makes the artwork suitable for colorists with a minor visual impairment and new colorists.

 Pocket Coloring Book illustrated by Jeremiah Ketner

All of the illustrations have been well centered and positioned on the page.

Rather than producing a full A4 sized page illustration, the artist has elected to use A5 imagery.    The A5 size seems very manageable with the amount of artwork that is on the page. It does not feel too detailed or overwhelming

Detail Level


Where to buy Pocket Coloring Book by Jeremiah Ketner


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