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Cats Protection Coloring Book Review

Cats Protection Coloring Book Buy from the Artist/Author
by Various
Published by Self Published on July 2018
Style: charitable works, Digital PDF
Pages: 20
Format: Digital download

A collection of cat featured coloring pages by various Japanese artists. Funds from the sale of the book go towards cat protection in Japan. You can follow this cause on Instagram #colorandsavecatsproject

Cats Protection Coloring Book Review

Cats Protection Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Cats Protection  Coloring Book.   This Japanese coloring book is a collaborative effort organised by  Adam Coloring and featuring various Japanese artists.   The aim of the book is to raise awareness for cat protection in Japan and to raise money for donations to charities that support cat protection.

Cats Protection Coloring Book

Coloring Book Cover & Layout

The Cats Protection coloring book features a colored cover.   The cover art is included in the book for you to color as well.    This is followed by a title page consisting of Japanese text.  A page of thumbnails featuring each of the artists that have donated pages to this collaborative book, with their Instagram account name, is included too.

As this book is a digital download only, you can choose which pages you print out.

My Cats Protection Coloring Book was printed on 100 gsm paper and coil bound.    I prefer to print the whole of the book so that it is saved as a whole book.   However, often with individual pages that I want to color I will just print on my home printer rather than use the book.    We all have our little quirks 🙂

Cats Protection Coloring Book

Art Work

The artwork is varied as each artist has created a page for the book.    Most of the pages feature a cat (or more) in the artwork but some feature a girl with cat ears.      You will find greyscale cats, lined cats, and anime cats.    Out of the 20 pages in this coloring book, there is sure to be a cat picture that takes your fancy.

The line art is black and medium weight. Overall the artwork is very easy to see.

You will find a mix of portrait and landscape orientated images.

Cats Protection Coloring Book

There is a nice mix of complexity within the images due to the various artistic styles.  Some pictures have large open elements (great for those with a visual impairment) and others have a lot of elements on the page – great for when you want to have a project.

Cats Protection Coloring Book

Detail Level


Where to buy Cats Protection Coloring Book

Artist Website

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