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Mucha Coloring Book Review

こころ華やぐなぞり描きミュシャ Buy from Etailer|Buy from Booktopia
by アルフォンス・マリアミュシャ
Published by KADOKAWA on 2017-03
Pages: 58
Format: Dust Jacket

The works of Alphonse Mucha compiled in a coloring book for you to color including colored inspirational art works

Mucha Coloring Book Review

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Mucha Coloring Book  Review

Luckily for colorists there are a number of Alphonse Mucha coloring books on the market to choose from. This Japanese coloring book by Hiroshi Hiramatsu really took my eye when I seen it online. I adore the art deco style of Mucha and the beautifully elegant art work he created in his life time.

Cover & Layout

The cover, unusually, for a soft cover book features a glossy dust jacket. The partial colored image is shown on the front and an uncolored image on the back. From the back cover you can see that the line art is not black and crisp and this is reflective of the line art contained in the book.

The soft cover of the coloring book is very thin. Art work in a bronze line has been printed on the glossy front cover. The back cover is bare save for the publisher’s name.

Mucha Coloring Book is roughly A4 sized measuring in at cm x 21.2cm (11.8in x 8 1/4 in approximately)

Mucha coloring book line art

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page commences the book which is printed with a pink background.    It gives the book a nice introduction and a delicate and elegant feel right from the start.     There are two types of paper within the book one type for the ancillary pages and one for coloring.

A double page follows of text in Japanese with a reproduced photograph of  Alphonse Mucha.

A visual table of contents follows featuring 16 thumbnail sized images of  colored art works, where the line art has been included in this book.    These images are then printed in full page form in color so you can see more detail.   At the foot of each illustration text, in Japanese, provides information about the art work.  All of the colored images are printed on both sides of the paper.

At the end of this section there are three pages of text in Japanese.

None of these pages are suitable  to test out your mediums or markers on as the paper is not the same as the paper in the coloring book section of the book.

At the end of the coloring book there is one page of text in Japanese.    This would be the best place to test out your mediums.


The colored plates included in the book have been printed on both sides of glossy white paper.     The coloring book line art has been printed on single sided,  off white, medium quality paper.    The paper has a very light texture to it.

All of  the illustrations have been orientated portrait style throughout the book except for one.

Art work has been well positioned on the page to avoid the spine area and ensure ease of coloring.

Mucha Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Mucha’s art work is beautiful and refined with a lot of effects to it that give it an eggshell or porcelain appearance in some pieces.   Even though the line art is not packed with detail in small spaces they are still difficult pages to color because so many of us would like to replicate the art work of Mucha and how he colored the images.

Colorists could use the inspirational colored images to color the line art like Mucha or could choose to go on their own path when coloring these pictures.

The line art is printed in a dull grey in the book.    Varying line weights have been used.  Some lines are quite heavy and form an outline around an image whilst others are finer.    The varying line weights indicate whether a element is background or foreground and allow the colorist to achieve a painterly look with the finished piece.

Some colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find the finer grey lines difficult to see without using glasses or a magnifying lamp.

The bulk of the art work does not fill the whole of the page, sometimes taking a third of the page.     Due to the smaller size of the art work, colorists with a minor visual impairment or motor impairment  may find the limited space challenging.

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Detail Level

Low High

Where to buy Mucha Coloring Book

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Etailer Yes Asia – Free Shipping

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