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Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book (Birds & Butterflies)

FÅGLAR & FJÄRILAR by Nadja Wedin
Published by Pagina förlag on January 1st 1970
Style: cardstock, single page illustrations
Pages: 20
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Birds and Butterflies contains 20 exotic nature motifs to color with both black and white background. The exclusive paper can be used for watercolors, but also works for colored pencils and ink. The A4 landscape format offers greater scope for coloring and images can then easily be removed and framed.

Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book (Birds & Butterflies)


Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book  which roughly translates to Birds and Butterflies by Swedish artist,  Nadja Wedin.

Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book  Review

I fell in love with the cover of this book when I was doing my Swedish coloring book shopping.    When I seen the beautiful Nordic designs of  artist, Nadja Wedin I knew that I had to have this book.    I was so glad that it dropped into my shopping cart online.   At the time of purchase, the book was only available in Travelbok form which usually means Postcard book but in this instance it means an Artist’s Edition.


Cover & Layout

This high quality coloring book has been presented in landscape format.   The cover depicting beautiful birds among vibrant flowers on a black background accurately and elegantly depicts what you will find inside.    I love the way the cover art features some line art of flowers with just the one red ladybird on it  and one colored flower.    It makes the cover very interesting and appealing.   The gold foil title and dots of gold on the line art flowers add to the overall appeal of this book.

Birds and Butterflies has a beautiful tan cloth binding.

I was very taken with the front cover when I seen this book online but turning it over and viewing the back cover I now cannot decide which one I like more.   The back cover features beautiful red mushrooms, colorful birds and butterflies and blueberries.   This colored art work is all set against a black background and again there is beautiful line art of flowers interspersed between the colored art for you to color in as well.   The effect is stunning!

The book measures 21cm x 29.5 cm.

Ancillary Pages

There are no ancillary pages in this book.   Part of me would like a nameplate page but really the art in this book is such that it would be ideal for removing for framing, displaying and gifting.



When you are able to tear yourself away from the stunning cover and open the book you will see why it has been described as a travelbok rather than the usual malarbok that we buy from Sweden.   The paper is divine!  It is thick and smooth to touch and appears to be card stock quality.    The color is off white.

Each of the 20 illustrations is printed one to the page allowing the colorist to use any medium they wish on the book.

The book contains images that have black backgrounds 9 pre printed and the remaining images do not have a background color.    There are 4 illustrations in the book are presented as black background and the no background alternative.

Seven of the illustrations in the book have been orientated portrait style

Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book Illutrations

The title of the book translates to birds and butterflies and you will find that this book is packed full of a wide variety of birds and a number of varieties.   As you would expect,  there is a back drop of nature for these images with beautiful free flowing large flowers, smaller flowers and petal packed blooms.      I really like that the artist has included a wide variety of flowers and different details on the butterfly wings to make it more interesting for the colorist.


There are some surprises in the book as well.    A cute little hedgehog makes an appearance, a gorgeous cat and other wildlife.      There is also one picture of a human in the book being a little girl in a wonderful wood full of flowers, mushrooms, cute, critters and birds and butterflies.

The art work that features on the front and back cover of this book have also been included.

Nadja Wedin has used a black, crisp line with a fine to medium weight throughout the book.    There are variations in line weight and some solid color in parts to indicate dimension, outline and texture.

The illustrations are very detailed and fill the whole of the page and could take hours and hours to complete.         Whilst there is a lot of detail in the images, there are also large open areas of space making it easier for colorists with visual impairment to color in.

Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book Image Gallery

Please click the image to view more detail.

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Where to buy Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book

As far as I am aware this book has only been published in Sweden.   I purchased Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book from Pen Store in Sweden where I buy all my Swedish coloring books.     Their service is always very good and their packaging is excellent.


If you need inspiration, see my Pinterest board for completed pages from the Faglar and Fjarilar Coloring Book.

Happy coloring x






About Nadja Wedin

Nadja Wedin was born and raised in Farsta, Sweden. She attended Art School
in Stockholm and Birkagården. Initially she worked as an illustrator, artist and then a designer. Her wish is for these three artistic worlds to inspire each other and influence her art whether painting or designing a fabric.

Her fabrics are well known for their vibrant pattern and influence of nature. Flowers and Butterflies is her first coloring book for adults.


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