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Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures Coloring Book

Alice's Adventures Coloring Book: Coloring Pages for Adults Up for a Wonderfilled Exploration of Wonderland Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Abigail Larson
Published by Impact on May 3rd 2016
Style: single page illustrations
Pages: 144
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Enjoy the twisted pen of Abigail Larson's imagination with this new coloring book inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures Coloring Book

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Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures Coloring Book Review

As most people know, I adore Alice in Wonderland.  I would hate to count how many Alice in Wonderland books that I own!    One of the things that I do love about the artists in the coloring book community is the different interpretations of classic fairy tales they provide.    Abigail Larson has provided a whole new look “Alice” in her Wonderfilled Adventures coloring book.   I am not familiar with Abigail’s work, so it did take me a little while to come to terms with Alice with a twist 🙂

Cover & Layout

The coloring book has a nice card cover with illustrations on the inner and back cover.   The front glossy cover features a colored drawing from within the book with red foil title highlights.   The book measures 27.5 cm x 21cm (approximately 10.9 in x 8.2 in).

A plain title page introduces you to the book and on the reverse there is the line work for the cover image.

Another title page follows and then the balance of the coloring book.

The illustrations in the book have been printed on white paper with one illustration per page.  The paper appears to be a trade stock weight.   I would use some pieces of paper between the pages to ensure that there is no bleed through from wet mediums or dents from pencils.


There are 70 illustrations in the book in total.   The illustrations all have a hand drawn “sketch” feel about them.      The line work is black, crisp and clear.  The line weight ranges between a fine and medium line weight.

Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures – hand drawn sketch like appearance

Abigail, has filled the book with a twist on a variety of scenes representative of Alice in Wonderland.  In addition, there are pages that have quotes/text on them and some pages of patterns.

Quote from Alice's Wonderfilled Adventures Coloring Book

Quote from Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures Coloring Book

For those that have a visual impairment, you may have difficulty discerning some of the lines in the drawings.    If you use a magnifying lamp you should not have any issues.    The majority of illustrations provide large spaces making it easy to color in the areas.

Most of the illustrations have been centered nicely on the page although there are one or two where elements have been removed from the page.  The majority of the illustrations abut the spine area but the book does lay down with forceful pushing.

Scene from Alice in Wonderland with a twist

Scene from Alice in Wonderland with a twist

Fans of goth, fantasy art and macarbe art will likely be fans of this take on Alice in Wonderland conjured up by the imagination of Abigail Larson.  I have to say that I am looking at the Cheshire Cat in a whole new light since reviewing this book 🙂

Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures Video Review

Enjoy the video review of  Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures below:

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About Abigail Larson

Abigail Larson is an established artist that is well known for her strange and macarbe art work.   She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  In her first coloring book, she has re-told Alice in Wonderland in her own unique style.  Abigail clearly has a sense of humour.    She has one of the funniest copyright notices on her website that I have seen.

About the author


I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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  • It really does have a “sketch” quality to it, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it looks as though the author has drawn the images, but forgotten to go back and clean up her work, but that’s just my opinion. I really, really have been looking at this book on Amazon. I appreciate your review, though, as I think it has saved me from buying a book I’d end up being extremely disappointed with.

    • That’s the great thing about reviews you can “try before you buy”. Some people love the sketchy look and others not so much. The wonderful thing about Alice in Wonderland is that there are so many interpretations by artists there is sure to be a book to please everyone! Happy coloring x

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