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Vinternatt (Winter Nights) Postcard Book

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by Hanna Karizon
Published by Pagina förlag Style: cardstock, single page illustrations
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding, Postcards

Twenty postcards to color in from Hanna Karlzon with a Winter Nights theme.

Vinternatt (Winter Nights) Postcard Book

Vinternatt  Postcards Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the Vinternatt postcards video review above.

Vinternatt Postcard Book Review

Hanna Karlzon has released another set of postcards that do not have a corresponding coloring book to match.     Her first set of postcards without a coloring book was Vinterdrommar (Winter Dreams) which you can see the review of here (this is also available in an English Edition).   Vinterdrommar is a beautiful set of postcards with a Winter theme that could also be used for Christmas coloring in.

Vinternatt appeared to have a delayed release, as it was not available for dispatch at the same time as Hanna’s third coloring book, Magisk Gryning when I pre-ordered it.


Cover & Layout

The cover of Vinternatt is a lovely pale blue with silver foil highlights.   It is bound in black which matches her other postcard coloring books and has an air of elegance and consistency about it.   The spine has white text  on it and the back also features silver foil highlights.  Due to the lightness of the cover it tends to show the dirt quite a bit, mine has already become a little grubby just from storage.  If it was important to you to keep the cover clean I would consider covering it in plastic wrap.

The postcard book measures 17.5 cm x 12.5cm

Each card has printing on the back for stamp and addressee information, if you wish to use them as a postcard 🙂


There are 20 postcards that you can color in with a winter theme in the book.   All of the cards are printed on good quality off white card stock.    The images have all been orientated portrait style.


Hanna Karlzon has a distinctive artistic style and her work always features intricate buildings, crystals, gems and delightful animals with a crown on their head.      In Vinternatt you will find all these familiar themes outlined in Hanna’s crisp, black ink that are very easy to see for colorists.

I adore Hanna Karlzon’s art work and the quirkiness of  her illustrations.   While I like the Vinternatt postcards very much, and I am very glad that I purchased them, I do not like them quite as much as I like Vinterdrommar.      With this set of cards I feel that I have seen this imagery before.  While I enjoy the familiarity,  part of me feels that I would have liked to see more images that encompass a true Winter theme.  Whilst there are snowflakes and burning candles that remind you of Winter I selfishly want more 🙂    In Europe, Christmas falls in the Winter season, but the postcards do  not incorporate any Christmas type scenes, not even a gingerbread house, that my Swedish friends always tell me they are making.

As regular readers will know, I adore postcards.     I always find them to be less intimidating than full page coloring books and they are easier for me to get started on.     As postcards are printed on card stock they also make ideal gifts when framed for people (I could not bear to send them!).  I am looking forward to coloring these in, they may cool me down in the heat of the Australian summer!

Vinternatt Postcard Book Image Gallery

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Where to buy Vinternatt Postcard Book

I purchased my set of  Vinternatt postcards from The Pen Store in Sweden.    They always provide excellent service and their products are well packaged and shipped promptly.  The cards are only published in Swedish edition at present.    I do not know whether an English publisher will acquire rights to imprint the cards, where they would be more readily available to Hanna’s fans.

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