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Econeco – Animal Parade Magical Circus Coloring Book Review

Econeco Coloring Book
Econeco Animal Parade Magical Circus Coloring Book Buy on Amazon JP|Buy from Etailer|Buy from Booktopia
on 25 June 2015
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing, Instructions - Tips
Pages: 104
Format: Card cover with fold out, Glue Binding

Escape to a magical circus full of deliciously cute animals featuring a variety of poses and accessories.

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Econeco – Animal Parade Magical Circus Coloring Book

I believe that Econeco is a Japanese illustrator that not only designs coloring books but also other packaging for cosmetics, bed covers, storage items and the like.   I say, that I believe, because my research is heavily reliant on google translate 🙂 I am quite happy for you to tell me I’ve got the details wrong.

Cover & Layout

The book, Animal Parade – Magical Circus, is very distinctive in the world of coloring books with its pastel dust jacket and candy cane stripes on the rear.    It is very pretty and cute.

Animal Parade measures approximately 22.5 cm x 25cm.

I have to say that this book is a very well presented coloring book,  in terms of detail.    The only other one that comes to mind as being comparable is The Present.   The book comes with a gorgeous girly pastel dust jacket.  There is some line work that you could color if you wished.  The inside of the dust jacket and the inside of the book cover is somewhat disappointing.    There is nothing to color on the reverse of the dust jacket, and the book cover is a plain title on a glossy white background 🙁

But it gets better …

The introductory pages to this beautiful coloring book are in color.   Color adds a lot of expense to the printing process, as do dust jackets.  I was surprised and delighted when I seen this.  The pages all are in pastels and show completed illustrations and pages upon pages of coloring techniques.   I only wish I could read them 🙁

The coloring book proper starts with a reprint of the cover image which I always like to see, as it is often the reason that I was enticed to buy initially.


Illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper.   The paper is a cool white, medium weight quality.   I would test your mediums on an ancillary page to ensure that there is no bleed through.

Magical Circus - Double page scene outlined in purple

Magical Circus – Double page scene

The illustrations are not printed in the usual black lines but a variety of colors  including blue, green, fuchsia and purple.    There is no black line work in the book at all.     This may prove challenging to some colorists who expect outlines in black.

The line weight is mainly medium but with some fine lines incorporated.  In addition to the colored lines, all the illustrations have some shading in them.

The illustrations mainly comprise single page scenes but there are many double page scenes among the book as well.

Magical Circus Coloring Book - double page scene

Magical Circus Coloring Book – double page scene

This is a very cute and quirky book, that I find very appealing.     I think the colored outlines may prove challenging but this would be a good thing to stretch my abilities.    I love the cuteness of the animals that are featured in the parade throughout.  Unicorns, giraffes and elephants all make an appearance.     All of the drawings are consistent in size and style and quirkiness.

The first part of the book, the purple section, features an abundance of animals carrying things on their back,  a bear with a fruit bowl, a giraffe with a tiered cake among others.

Animal Parade Magical Circus water theme

Animal Parade Magical Circus water theme

The next part of the book, the green section, follows the same theme but there are more domestic animals including bunnies, puppies and kittys feature among the lions and elephants.

The fuchsia section of the book seems to be about treats.  It features the most gorgeous fluffy cat ever, sweet treats and gems, as well as a carousel.

Animal Parade - double page spread in fushia line work

Animal Parade – double page spread in fuschia line work

The blue section of the book, has some lovely one page illustrations featuring again, animals with things on their back, a unicorn with a stack of pancakes and a sheep with an umbrella.   This section then moves into a water theme  featuring fish, turtles, jellyfish and shells.

Throughout the book there are some double page scenes of patterns which fit the theme of the book and serve to provide some variety.


At the end of the book, printed on thin card stock you will find 8 beautiful posters to color in.  You will need to remove these carefully with an exacto knife or similar.

Cute posters on cardstock have been added at the end of the book

Cute posters on cardstock have been added at the end of the book

Econeco – Animal Parade Magical Circus Video Review

Enjoy the flip through review of this cute book Econeco – Animal Parade Magical Circus

Where to buy Econeco – Animal Parade Magical Circus

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