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Drawing Around the World Coloring Book Review

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by Eriy
on 16 August 2017
Style: double page printing, Instructions - Tips
Pages: 104
Format: Dust Jacket

"Tracing the sketches will give you an experience of sketching various scenarios. With an explanation of the place provided on each scene, you can travel around the world in the book and enjoy beautiful scenery and buildings as well as the country's culture while having fun tracing."

Drawing Around the World  Coloring Book Review

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Drawing Around the World Coloring Book Video Review

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Drawing Around the World Coloring Book  Review

Japanese coloring book artist, Eriy is one of my favorite artists in the world.    The Romantic Country series of coloring books,  drawn with a toothpick dipped in ink about the imaginary land of Cocot, are ones that I keep out to look at all the time.    The imaginative scenes of shops packed full of  stock,  beautiful fields, castles and the little girl and her duck never fail to cheer me up.

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When I found out that Eriy was producing another coloring book I hoped it would be  a Romantic Country – Fourth Tale.  Quite frankly, I cannot get enough of Cocot.    Instead,  Eriy has elected to do her fourth book as a book documenting travels around the world.   We have seen other artists take this approach as well but for memory no other artist like Eriy.

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If Eriy had created the travel book first then the Romantic Country series of coloring books it would be much easier to digest the style of art in this book.    But when you produce a series like Romantic Country that is so well thought out, so imaginative and so whimsically cute it can be very difficult to follow up on that.   Don’t get me wrong,  Drawing Around the World is a lovely coloring book but it’s not Romantic Country and should be judged on its own rather that in comparison to that series.

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The theme of this coloring book is the relaxation that you feel when “tracing” the outlines rather than coloring.

Cover & Layout

The dust jacket cover on Drawing Around the World Coloring Book has the feel of lunch wrap or greaseproof paper with a partially colored design.   The pictures on the cover are a collage of pictures from the book. If you look closely at the cover you will see that there is very faint line art and then a picture of it partially outlined.    The faint outline is indicative of the art work inside this book, which is a departure from the clear lines that we are used to in Romantic Country.

You can unfold the cover to produce a lovely poster image of  the art work, but this is marred by a badly positioned bar code.

On the reverse of the dust jacket there is also line art that you could color in if you wished.

The white card cover on the coloring book proper also contains some simple line art to color in.

Drawing Around the World measures approximately 25cm x 25cm.

The faint gray line art is very difficult to film

Ancillary Pages

A colored title page commences the book.  Over leaf there are two pages of text with some little elements in blue ink.    I presume that this is a message from the artist, Eriy.

Four colored pages follow with the type of materials that you can use in the book and steps on coloring.    After flattening the pages,  Eriy demonstrates outlining the art work in the book, and adding details to the images.   The text is all in Japanese but it is simple enough to follow the pictures.

This is followed by a table of contents.   The continents are printed in English but the countries are in Japanese.

The line art has been divided into sections and starts with a map of each continent  adorned with cute elements against a background of grey line art.

Publisher’s information is on the last page of the book.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the white, medium to heavy paper.

Other that the section maps, there are no double page scenes in the book.

The coloring book folds over easily to allow for coloring near the spine area.

Drawing Around the World Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

In this coloring book you will find illustrations from Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America and South America.

The thing that makes the biggest impression on me with Drawing Around the World is the line art.     Romantic Country contained the dull, medium, brown/black lines that made it very easy to see, even for those colorists with a minor visual impairment.     Drawing Around The World has taken a completely different approach with a faint gray line art that is difficult to see and capture on the film.     The faint gray art work allows the colorist to outline or trace around the world (as the title implies) in the medium of their choice.     Colorists may also prefer not to outline at all and have  a no line look to produce a painterly effect.       However, for colorists with a minor visual impairment the color of this line art makes it extremely difficult to see and enjoy the art work.

The illustrations in the book have a Romantic Country flavour with some illustrations reminding me of the lovely Cocot.  Illustrations like shops filled with goodies, barrows laden with goods, castles and tea time settings all bring about the Romantic Country familiarity.

There are other illustrations however that show a new look including pictures of cars that I cannot recall Eriy previously drawing, cute lions and giraffes and famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Great Wall of China.   Eriy has managed to capture the landmarks of each place in her own style of art work.

Most of the illustrations in this coloring book contain far less detailed pages than what you will find in Eriy’s Romantic Country series.     Depending on how good your eyesight is, this could be a blessing as it gives you a more simplified art piece when you are starting your coloring journey before proceeding to very detailed pages in Eriy’s other works.

Please click on an image to view more detail

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Detail Level


Where to buy Drawing Around the World

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Happy coloring x



About Eriy

Eriy is a Japanese toothpick illustrator. She dips toothpicks into ink to create her line work. She graduated from Musashino Art University and has previously worked as a designer for specialty items and apparel.

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