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Peter Rabbit Coloring Postcards Review

Peter Rabbit Coloring Postcards Buy on Amazon JP
Style: color inspiration images, single page illustrations
Format: Dust Jacket, Postcards
Peter Rabbit Coloring Postcards Review

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Peter Rabbit Coloring Postcards Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of the Japanese set of  Peter Rabbit postcards that you can color in.

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Peter Rabbit Coloring Postcards Review

As most readers know,  I have a fondness for bunnies so anything bunny related will usually find its way to my shelf.   I’m also incredibly sentimental and love the  nostalgia of Beatrix Potter so of course I had to have the Peter Rabbit postcards.

This year lovers of  Beatrix Potter will probably be overwhelmed with merchandise as the new movie is due out.     Hopefully this will spark a love among a new generation of potential bunny lovers and hopefully more bunny books for us to color and collect.


Cover & Layout

The little Japanese postcard book unusually features a glossy dust jacket.  A colored Peter Rabbit is on the front cover (looking particularly adorable).  On the back cover you can see the line art for the cover art.    Unusually this has been printed in a reddish brown and is quite faint.    The faintness of the lines is a good indication of how faint the line art is within the postcard book.

The postcard book measures 14.8 cm x 23.8cm.

Ancillary Pages

The postcard book is divided into two sections – one of colored pages printed on medium paper and the other for the line art printed on card stock.

At the start of the book you will find a colored text title page, title page, two pages of colored thumbnails and 3 pages of coloring tips (text in Japanese).   None of these ancillary pages are suitable to test your mediums as the paper is different.


The wonderful thing about these postcards is that you get two postcards on each page.  One with the line art colored and the other with the line art for you to color.  If  you were a sweet person you could actually part with one of them.   I wouldn’t be able to part with any of them 🙂

The pages are perforated and are printed on off white card stock.

Each card measures approximately 10 cm x 14.8 cm.

Art Work

The illustrations are all based on the original Beatrix Potter drawings as authorised by Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit.     Having the colored inspirational image as a card that you can give away and the same size as the line art is a real benefit for a colorist that wants to replicate the same look.     If you do choose to part with the colored card (I couldn’t!) you also have the advantage of having the colored thumbnail to refer to.

My only negative with these gorgeous bunny cards is the grey line art is really faint.  these tired old eyes, will need to spark up the magnifying lamp to color in these pretty postcards.    I understand that the faint line art which is really faint in some parts is so that you can obtain a painterly effect with your coloring ….I just wish that I could see it more clearly!

For colorists with a minor visual impairment….I hate to tell you what to do but personally because of the small size, the amount of detail on the card and the faint lines, I would steer clear of the postcards.  You might like to try one of  the Beatrix Potter based coloring books by the same company instead.

In order to replicate the look of the colored art you would need to have coloring skills and techniques.

Detail Level


Where to buy Peter Rabbit Coloring Postcards

Amazon Japan

Happy coloring x



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