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Romantic Country Coloring Jigsaw Review

Romantic Country Jigsaw Puzzle Buy on Amazon JP
by Eriy
Format: Box

150 piece jigsaw puzzle that you can enjoy as a puzzle and coloring project. A variety of themes to choose from, all illustrated by Eriy

Romantic Country Coloring Jigsaw  Review

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Romantic Country Coloring Jigsaw Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of the jigsaw puzzle you can color illustrated by Eriy and based on the Romantic Country coloring book.

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Coloring Jigsaw  Review

Most readers know that I adore Eriy the Japanese toothpick artist that created the beautiful Romantic Country series of coloring books and more recently Tracing Around the World.    Eriy also has a line of jigsaw puzzles which I’ve written about previously.

I never had any plans to buy an Eriy jigsaw puzzle.  I already have a few jigsaw puzzles to color here that are still waiting for me to review and color them.   But, of course, when Sharlene in our Facebook group raved about the puzzle, my willpower weakened.     Faster than speeding light I had added it to the cart.    There are a few different designs that Eriy has, including an Alice in Wonderland one which my heart ached for.   Sadly though they did not ship to Australia.   Seriously,  I feel the need for a trip to Japan in my future!

The jigsaw puzzle that I selected was based on the dress shop that features in Romantic Country.

It arrived securely packed in a lovely and sturdy card box.     Inside the box the 150 pieces are contained in a plastic bag.     You are also given glue and a spreader should you wish to save the puzzle as a picture, once you have put it together and colored it in.

Just like the Romantic Country series of coloring books, the line art is a dull brown black and not a crisp black as you expect in other books.

Each piece is quite thick and very sturdy and does not bend easily.

It has been quite a while since I’ve put together a jigsaw puzzle …I’m thinking the last time I must have been about 10 years old.  I was lucky enough to find a few pieces that belonged quite quickly so I was able to put together a small cupboard in the picture in no time.  Of course,  I went downhill after that.      I spent some time sorting the edge pieces from the other pieces so I could at least frame the picture and work in from there.     You do  not realise how much you miss the colored pieces that serve as hints when they are not there.

After completing half the puzzle, hubby wanted to join in so I sat back and watched him do the rest.    He has a different technique where he looks for the cut out shape that it matches,  I look for part of the illustration.     If it was a bigger puzzle I could imagine that this would be something that we could enjoy together.     Funnily enough,  when hubby came home from work today he immediately asked if I had any more puzzles for him to put together (I do!).   Then, to my complete surprise,  when I told him I was going to spend some time tonight coloring it in he offered to color as well!   I’ve tried and tried to get him to color something in the past but he has also said,  “one day” …I guess that day is here.

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About Eriy

Eriy is a Japanese toothpick illustrator. She dips toothpicks into ink to create her line work. She graduated from Musashino Art University and has previously worked as a designer for specialty items and apparel.

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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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