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Silent Night Coloring Book Review

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by Mardel Rubio
Style: Digital PDF
Format: Digital download

Beautiful illustrations with a Christmas theme. Packed with variety and detail for lovers of traditional Christmas imagery with a dash of whimsy

Silent Night Coloring Book Review

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Silent Night Coloring Book Video Review

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Silent Night Coloring Book  Review

This gorgeous colouring book is available in two formats – a digital version or a hard copy version.

For my review, I purchased the digital pdf version. This allows me to print the illustrations on my paper of choice, and print as many times as I fancy, for my personal use.

The hard copy contains the same illustrations printed on one side of the trade stock quality paper.

Digital Format

When you purchase the colouring book it is contained in 3 pdf files and you need to download all of them for the complete book. They are labelled – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for easy reference.

When you open the pdf file, you will notice that the coloured cover art used to promote the book is not included. Usually artists omit the cover art in order to ensure that you just receive the illustrations you need to print and avoid printing in expensive color the cover picture.


A title page, copyright page and contact details have been included at the start of the book. Unusually, the book has been formatted with a blank page between each illustrations, rather than just the illustrations. This means that when you print out the book, unless you select each image one by one, you will end up with blank pages coming out of your printer as well.


There are 23 illustrations to color in this book including the picture that was featured on the cover.

Some of the illustrations have a pre coloured black background, so you should be aware that that will use more ink, depending on your printer set up.

The illustrations are beautifully drawn and the artist tends to use the whole of the page. As you would expect, the art work all has a Christmas theme, with an abundance of angels, adorable snowmen, St Nick and beautiful Christmas trees.

Although the art work has the feel of a traditional Christmas about it, the bulk of the drawings feature little doodle characters among them. Some of them even have little wings! They may be among the Christmas baubles, peeking out of foliage or even in the manger.

For lovers of whimsy the gingerbread family picture is adorable!

All of the images except one have been orientated portrait style.

Colorists with a minor visual impairment may find that due to the amount of elements packed into the page the illustrations may be too  challenging to color in.

All of the art work is lovely with beautiful details and textures added in a fine line. Outlines have been created in a medium weight line which is very easy to see.

Detail Level


Where to buy Silent Night Coloring Book PDF Digital Download

You can purchase the digital version as shown in my video above here

Artist’s website here 


Where to buy Silent Night Coloring Book Physical Book

You can purchase a hard copy version, with single sided images and trade stock quality paper here.

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