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My Lovely Baby Coloring Book Review

마이 러블리 베이비 Buy on Ebay
by Moon Su Min, 문수민
Published by 지식너머 on August 29th 2015
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover with fold out

Beautifully illustrated Korean coloring book for new mothers. Document and color the first year of motherhood with your new child in this gorgeous coloring book

My Lovely Baby  Coloring Book Review

My Lovely Baby Coloring Book Video Review

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My Lovely Baby Coloring Book  Review

My Lovely Baby is a Korean Colouring Book by Moon Su Min designed for new mothers.   It also includes a little diary so new mothers can track their feelings during this period of time.    

Cover & Layout

The cover features a gorgeous coloured image of a toddler on a bear with some grey line art in the background.   The background features small elements in line art and coloured printing.

The fold out flap at the front has some line art elements to color in and at the back displays advertisements of other products.

A beige protective paper has been provided at the front and back of the paper.

My Lovely Baby measures 25cm x 25cm

Ancillary Pages

The book starts with a coloured text title page and rather than a nameplate space it appears to be a space to write the name of a gift recipient.  Overleaf you will find pages with a pale, baby pink background and text in Korean.

Then the prettiness starts!   There are two pages which feature  8 large thumbnail coloured images from the book.

This is followed by a page that has a lovely striped coloured background and features a line art frame with leaf elements.    There is text on this frame and I am assuming that it is so you can note the details of your baby – name,  date of birth and the like.   I am not sure though 🙂   On the facing page there is another frame and I am assuming that this is a place where you can paste a photo of your child.

The next page follows a similar theme.    There is a lovely background of line art to color featuring flowers and two frames and space to write text.    I imagine that this may be to document and photograph stages of the baby’s life like 3 months, 6 months and so on, but again I am not sure.

The book is divided into Chapters and at the start of the chapter there is a plain text page noting the chapter number.


Illustrations are printed on both sides of the off white medium quality paper.    However there are Chapter pages at the start of each section and every 3-5 pages or so, there is space for “mom’s diary”.    If you were not worried about damaging those pages, you could color the reverse image with markers (do not make sure to put a blotter behind though to avoid bleed through).

My Lovely Baby Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The art work in this book is very sweet and whimsical as you would expect from the theme of the book.   There are pages that contain quotes to color in (in English)

You will find a great variety of illustrations in this book there are sweet and whimsical flowers, cartoon like p people and more realistically drawn animals and children.    You will also find other things to color like food, shoes, houses and interior scenes.      The book seems to tell a story of  a mother’s daily life, looking after her children and pets.      It varies between more true to life line art to whimsical drawings.   I wonder if this is intentional to have a real life perspective as opposed to an ideal life view.

The line art is dull  black for the most part and very easy to see.     The medium weight lines have a sketchy hand drawn feel to them in many of the images while other images have crisper thinner lines.

Colonists that have a minor visual impairment may find that there are a number of  large open spaced elements in this book easier to color compared to other similar colouring books.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”10135″]


At the back of the book there are 2 pages containing 4 cards celebrating 1st birthday,  happy home and two based on fashion for the young child.

Although the note cards are not perforated there is a dotted perforated line for easy removal.

Detail Level


Where to buy My Lovely Baby Coloring Book

Ebay Etailer

Happy coloring x



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