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Astrolandia Coloring Book Review

Astrolandia Coloring Book Buy from the Artist/Author|Buy from Etailer
by Lenka Filonenko
Published by Self Published on 2017
Style: Digital PDF, Paper: Medium to Heavy, single page illustrations
Pages: 39
Format: Spiral Bound

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Astrolandia Coloring Book Review

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Astrolandia Coloring Book Video Review

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Astrolandia Coloring Book  Review

As you can guess from the title and the cover art,  Astrolandia is based on astrology depicting all the star or zodiac signs.   Years ago,   one of my friends was very involved with star signs – almost obsessed!   Luckily, for me she was a dab hand at creating charts and what not and created one for me.    It was extremely detailed right down to the time and minute of birth and I remember, at the time, being quite fascinated by the amount of factors and variables involved in astrology.   Of course, since then,  I’ve moved many times and I cannot lay my hands on this chart.   I would love to have a look at it now and see if I still agree with it.

I have to say,  that I’m quite like the general definition for my star sign,  Aries.  Known for straight forward describing me to a tee.   I hate beating about the bush and much prefer people get to the point …now.    I look back on my younger years and my straightforwardness lacked any diplomacy.  Thankfully,  I think I’ve mellowed with the years 🙂    Looking in Lenka’s Astrolandia book I was immediately struck by the stones …..I adore amethyst and diamonds, two of the stones associated with my sign.  My flower is the freesia.   Freesia’s are often a flower that I forget about because I tend to only see them in gardens or small pots.  However, they are a flower that I absolutely adore as they have a beautiful scent.

The color aspect of red, golden, and bright colors used to be colors that I gravitated to when I was younger.   However as I have matured and also working in a number of corporate jobs I have gravitated towards a more natural, pastel or muted color palette for both the home and my taste in clothing.   There are plenty of times though that I think of going completely wild with colors for a boho-style house or holiday house.  My dream car of course is red …so the color taste hasn’t completely changed 🙂

Cover & Layout

The glossy card cover of Astrolandia features a colored image from the book with a galaxy background.  On the back of the coloring book, you will find thumbnails of 24 images from the book as well as information about the artist and the book.

You will see that the artist has provided each sign with 3 pages – one that is a brief description of the star sign, the next an image that traditionally depicts that sign which incorporates elements the sign is known for, and finally an image from the artist’s own feelings based on the sign.      This third image is one that could be enjoyed by people who normally do not gravitate to zodiac or astrology style books as the referencing to the zodiac is quite subtle and discreet for the most part.

The spiral binding and the thick paper used in this coloring book make for a thick and heavier than a usual coloring book.   It measures approximately 10.5 in x 10.5 in.

Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book, there is a beautifully decorated nameplate page.    On the banner that flows on the page, you will find all the symbols of the zodiac and some dots in a line for you to write your name.  Over the page,  the cover art has been reproduced for you to color as well.  At the back of the book, there is a lovely decorated tester page.  At the bottom, you will find that spheres have been added so you can test your color blends.    Any of the preceding pages would be ideal to test out your mediums and color choices.


Illustrations have been printed on one side of the white medium to heavy paper.    The paper is approximately 250 gm.     All of the images have been framed with a decorative border ensuring that you are not coloring near the edges of the book.

Other than the ancillary pages, the pages are displayed in true zodiac order starting with a decorative page and brief description of the sign, an image that depicts the elements of the sign and the final illustration is the artist’s interpretation of that star sign.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

Colorists that have a minor visual impairment will be pleased that the line art is black, crisp, and very easy to see.    The artist has a lot of images in the book that has more open elements which are easier to color for those with a motor skill impairment.

Lenka uses pointillism or small dots on the illustrations to indicate shading and shadows which makes it easy for new colorists to shade the illustration if they wished.

Colorists have a variety of illustrations to color including animals, sea creatures, metals, people, and nature.

All of the illustrations would make lovely gifts if colored and framed.

Detail Level


Where to buy Astrolandia Coloring Book (Spiral Bound)

Czech Etailer Artist Website

Where to buy Astrolandia Coloring Book  (PDF)

You can also purchase Astrolandia Coloring Book as a PDF digital download in A4 format.  You can then print it out on your own printer or at a stationery store on the paper of your choice.  You can purchase the digital download edition from here.

Happy coloring x



About Lenka Filonenko

Lenka is originally from Žilina in Slovakia but now lives in Czech. She inherited her love of art from her Grandfather and designer mother. Lenka spends her days illustrating, painting, gardening and caring for her children. She blogs about her art journey and has another blog devoted to her garden in Prague.

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I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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