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Rabbit Benny Coloring Diary Coloring Book Review

Rabbit Benny Coloring Book Diary Buy from the Artist/Author
on August 2015
Style: color inspiration images, double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Glue & Stitched, Hard back

Explore the world of Benny the Rabbit through his adventures documented in his illustrative travel diary

Rabbit Benny Coloring Diary Coloring Book Review

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Rabbit Benny Coloring Diary Coloring Book  Review

Of course, if it involves a cute bunny then it’s a coloring book that I’ll probably want!  My Birthday was a few months ago, and this was one of the books that I treated myself to because …bunny!     I wasn’t sure what to expect from it so when it arrived I was really excited.     This is one of my favorite bunny books now and sits on the “special shelf”  in my office.

Cover & Layout

The cover is a glossy hardback which is unusual for coloring books.   The front cover features a partially colored image of Benny at home, snacking in front of the tv.     He looks comfortable sitting on his bean bag in his home.     The picture is very indicative of the type of art included in the book and also of Benny’s character.   On the back cover a musk pink is colored on 2/3 of the image with a picture of what I think is Santorini in Greece.    As I cannot read the text in Korean on the reverse I am not sure what the picture represents but I think it’s Benny and the new Mrs Benny on their honeymoon ….but I could be so wrong 🙂

Rabbit Benny’s Coloring Diary is smaller than most coloring books.  It measures 26.5cm x 10.5cm.    For me, this is not quite suitable for my handbag but perhaps good for traveling as the sturdy cover ensures that it will not be damaged.

Orange colored protective pages are at the beginning and end of the coloring book to protect it.

Ancillary Pages

It’s always a treat to find colored printing in coloring books (especially if there is a bunny as well!).    Once we pass the orange protective papers,  there is a double page with a dark mint background and cute little colored bunnies on it.    Text in Korean is also included, presumably giving us some background on Benny.

This is followed by a double page  of yellow with text in Korean on the right and Benny looking very studious sketching in the corner.

At the tend of t he book there are 6 pages of colored thumbnails from the book.   What surprised me the most about the colored inspirational images is that they have been created in a vintage type effect.  For some reason,  I had imagined, maybe because of the bright colored pages that any inspirational images would be vivid.     I would never have imagined recreating a vintage poster type look in this book had it not been for these images.

The final page contains copyright information.  Normally this would be where I would recommend you test your mediums but as there are colored images over leaf I would not do so.


Rabbit Benny Coloring Diary appears to be divided into chapters which are signified by colored paper introducing them.

The illustrations have been printed on off white medium, quality paper.   The paper has a faint texture to it.  The paper is best suited for use with pencils to prevent damage to the other side.

Most of the illustrations have been printed as double page scenes.     The hardback cover makes it easier to lay the book flat and after a few more uses it should lay down comfortably for coloring.

Rabbit Benny Coloring Diary Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

This coloring book is cute with a capital “C” but best suited for those colorists that love a good bunny.    Each page features bunnies so if you are not a fan of  coloring them it may not be your cup of tea.

The artist takes us on an illustrative journey of life with Benny.    We see him in his day to day tasks like shopping for food, catching the train and carrying out important bunny business.     There also appears to be a touch of fantasy in Benny’s life as he is treated like a rock star in some illustrations.    Like any good story,  there is also love as a female bunny comes into Benny ‘s life.

There are so many things that you can color in this book including flowers, patterns, Christmas scenes, food and buildings.   The nature of the diary, may allow you to escape into a wonderful world for a few hours as you join Benny on his travels.

The line art is black and a very readable medium line throughout the book.     The illustrations have the appearance of hand drawn and some parts of the art work have a real “sketch” look to parts of the image.

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There are two packets of stickers included with the coloring book.

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Where to buy Rabbit Benny Coloring Diary

Australians – ask Paul to order Etailer Korea

Happy coloring x



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