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Inklings – Colouring Book by Tanya Bond

Inklings Colouring Book by Tanya Bond
Written by coloringqueen
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by Tanya Bond
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Style: double page printing
Format: Card cover

Features 24 one sided fantasy art illustrations by artist Tanya Bond .
In this book you will find fairies, pixies & mermaids with their adorable companions - dragons, owls, cats, bunnies, birds, animals & other charming creatures.

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Inklings  Colouring Book Review by Tanya Bond

Inklings by Tanya Bond is a colouring book that I had been drooling for.      I kept passing Inklings by because it’s only available for order at Etsy.   When I was at Etsy, I always forgot to buy the book!     Well finally, my old memory (plus some sticky notes strategically placed on my desk) reminded me to order this book.      The book had to find its way from Ireland to Australia, which took approximately 2 weeks.  I was very happy with how prompt the shipping was as that aligns with the speed that it takes most of my books to arrive down under.

The Book measures 11 3/4 x 8 1/4 or approximately 29.5 xm x 21 cm.   Thankfully, this size fits perfectly into my home printer (Canon MG 2460) because there is NO WAY I’m coloring the pictures in the book!   They are far too pretty for my beginner efforts!

The cover illustration on this book is absolutely beautiful (and thankfully included in the book to colour!) .    There is something about the eyes in these “charming creatures” that seem to see right through you.    They make my spine tingle.

On the inner and back cover you will find coloured templates of the line work to be found inside the book.    Great for inspiration and choosing color pallettes if you wish to emulate the artist.

The illustrations are printed on good quality white paper.   The paper is thicker than normal colouring books but there’s a disappointment ahead for me 🙁     The beautiful charming creatures are printed on both sides of the paper!   Now, it’s not enough to turn me off this book – because it is absolutely beauitful, and as I am only a novice colorist (with more enthusiasm than skill) I would copy the pictures in the book anyway to color.

Inside you will find 24 “charming creatures” created by the very talented Tanya Bond waiting for you to color.    The images all feature creatures (fairy, nympths)  that are distinguished by beautiful, soulful eyes.   The illlustrations have been nicely centred in the book allowing you room to work near the spine of the book.    The first image in the book loses some elements of her hair because of the positioning but the remaining images all show the complete creature.   All the illustrations have a name.   I always find that useful becuase it makes it easy to search on Pinterest for example for completed pictures to inspire  you.    In order of appearance t hey are Hummingbird Whisper, Winter Bride,  Mia and Onyx, Bunny Keeper, Catterfly Keeper (gorgeous!), Tabitha and Her Royal Owlet, Athena and Her Royal Companion (the cover illustration) Kenzo, La Princesse Grenouille, The Night Garden, Werewolf Queen, Familiar Hearts, Escargot Express, Zoe, Winter Rose, Daisy Patch, Hope, Luna, Great Loona, Robyn, Ugly Duckling, Queen of Dragons, Blue Poppy and  last but not least Princess Phoebe and Theodore the Great.

The line work in these illustrations is beautiful.    You will see a lot of fine work in the hair of the creatures and any animals or birds that are part of the image.  If  you have problems with your eyesight you may need to use a magnifying lamp for some of the images but the majority of images are crisp and easy to see.

Inklings Colouring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video review below:

Where to buy Inklings  Colouring Book

The standard coloring book is available from the stores below:

Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Canada Book Depository

You can also purchase an Artist Edition from Tanya’s store direct.

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