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Bunny Girl Coloring Book (토끼소녀 컬러링북 [스위치북] [김경숙] 행복을 주는)

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by Kim Kyung Suk
on December 2015
Style: double page printing
Pages: 108
Format: Card cover

If you love bunnies and whimsical this Korean coloring book will steal your heart! Filled with bunnies in a variety of scenes, some inspired by fairy tales - it's too cute for words!

Bunny Girl Coloring Book  (토끼소녀 컬러링북 [스위치북] [김경숙] 행복을 주는)

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Bunny Girl Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  the gorgeous Bunny Girl or Rabbit Girl Coloring Book above.

Bunny Girl Coloring Book

I have been admiring this book on Ebay for a long time now.    I never knew what it was called for the longest period of time.      This Korean coloring book roughly translates (according to Google) to Bunny Girl Happy Coloring Book.  It certainly makes me happy (as do most books with bunnies!).    I have also seen colorists refer to it as Rabbit Girl.  Now everyone knows that I am a bunny lover, so this is right up my alley.    Often, when I look at coloring books for a while before I buy, I’m a bit disappointed when they finally arrive.  Sometimes, I think I like the thrill of the chase more than the book lol 🙂    However, Bunny Girl has stolen my heart!   So many bunnies and so many cute settings it could not have had any other ending for me.

Usually, the bunnies I like wear little outfits and are dressed up.   All of these bunnies are naked!   An overall lack of outfits!   But they are engaging in proper bunny behavior being cutesy and “human”.

Rabbit Girl Coloring Book


Cover & Layout

Bunny girl has a glossy light tan cover with a pre printed image on it.    There is some line art on it that  you could color in if you wished, but quite frankly there’s plenty in the book to keep you amused.    On the back, the same color tan has been used with  an image of a girl on a bike with two cute bunnies.   The spine is pink and compliments the florals on the front cover.      The front cover art is very “spring time pretty” with the girl wearing a lovely floral dress and all the flowers in  bloom.      The title is presented as a ribbon banner across the front cover with a cute little bunny.   The cover art depicts accurately the type of art style and bunnies you will find in the book.

The book measures 25cm x 25cm.

The inner front cover has a cute little bunny on the left hand corner holding a sign with text.    In a super cute move, the rear cover shows the bunny from the back position with the sign.   A very sweet way of indicating the front and back of a book and something that I have not seen before.  This book also has something else I have not seen before!   I love surprises!

Ancillary pages

A title page features art work depicting a young girl reading to her bunny from a giant book with a globe of the world nearby.   Seems they are contemplating travel and adventure.     Another page follows that has some text on it and line art of a pencil    I presume this may be a page to test your mediums on.

Bunny Girl Coloring Book


The illustrations are printed on white, medium quality paper.     Some of  the illustrations have been printed on both pages and some are single sided.    There are also some double page scenes.    Three of these double page scenes have been positioned vertically!   I have not seen that in a book before!   There are 12 pages that comprise double page horizontal scenes.


This is a book for the lovers of whimsy!   The art work is sweet and whimsical in style with an abundance of cuteness thrown in.     It is just adorable.     You will find cutesy illustrations of the young girl, an abundance of florals and of course rabbits.    There are rabbits on nearly every page.    You will see rabbits in teacups, in knitting yarn, at picnics, at the library, sleeping, napping, going to carnival rides and these little scamps even go to the beach!

It seems at first glance that the book has been divided into sections (which thankfully the titles are in English).  But as you delve into the book it seems that these are page slogans.  I am not sure.    We start with Tea Time.    This, of course, has all the trappings of a lovely afternoon tea.   This is followed by Rabbit in Wonderland,  My present, My Life is Rosy, with images relating to gardening and flowers,  Beautiful Music and there are several images featuring music, Fun Party and so much more.

Now if that wasn’t action packed enough for you, there’s some fairy tale theme running through this book as well.    There are illustrations that relate to Cinderella and of course, Alice in Wonderland.        It really is a heavenly book for me, combining my love of Alice in Wonderland and bunnies into one coloring book!

Although the drawings are very detailed, most of the elements have large spaces for ease of coloring.     This book would be suitable for all colorists.      Vision impaired colorists will love the strong, black medium weight line art making it easy to see to color.     There are some drawings with a lot of fine detail that you could color wash, if you wished to avoid fiddly bits.

There are a couple of pages of pattern type illustration – anchors, seashells etc that have been added presumably for a bit of variety.  Personally, I would be happy just with the bunnies! Apparently, the illustrator,  Kim Kyung Suk has a bunny rabbit which I believe is called, Toto who formed the inspiration for the creation of this coloring book.

Some of the illustrations do run into the spine of the book.   However, once you push the book down a few times it should relax enough to color those areas on the spine.

This is a truly gorgeous book and I just adore it!

Bunny Girl Coloring Book  Illustration Gallery

Please click on an image for more detail.

[foogallery id=”4008″]


Where to buy Bunny Girl Coloring Book

I purchased my Bunny Girl Coloring Book from Gmarket as that was the least expensive option for me in Australia.   Depending on where you are in the world, you may be find the other options less expensive.

The service was fantastic with GMarket.    It was the first time I had bought from this online shop, although I have thought of doing so before.    Because I’m a cautious, cynical person in real life,   when dealing with new companies that I have not used before, I pay for my goods with a pre paid Visa credit card that I obtain from the local post office.  This gives me peace of mind that should the store prove unreliable at least they don’t have my main credit card details 🙂

The books were delivered a week earlier than the estimated shipping date and they were beautifully packaged and wrapped to avoid damage.  Each of the books that I ordered (I can’t stop at 1) was individually wrapped to avoid damage and dents.

Here are some places you can purchase this book, as at the date of writing.

Gmarket Ebay Etsy

Happy coloring x


P.S.  I’ve started a little Pinterest board for Bunny Girl Coloring Book.   This is where I will pin any competed images from the book that you can  use to inspire your coloring, if you wish.










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