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Kindness Women of Flowers Coloring Book Review

Kindness: Women of Flowers Coloring Book   Buy from the Artist/Author
by Grazia Salvo
Published by Self Published Style: Digital PDF, single page illustrations
Pages: 28
Format: Digital download
Kindness Women of Flowers  Coloring Book Review

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Kindness Women of Flowers  Coloring Book Video Review

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Kindness: Women of Flowers Coloring Book  Review

You can purchase Women of Flowers in a number of different formats as a digital version.     You can choose which outlines you like either black outlines (easier to see) or with grey outlines or both.   I had my digital version of the book printed and  spiral bound at the local office store, Officeworks, in Australia.

Cover & Layout

The cover features a partially colored image from the book which shows you the style of the artist.

Ancillary Pages

Other than an introduction by the artist, there are no other ancillary pages.

The first coloring book by Grazia Salvo sold on Amazon here


Illustrations have been printed on one side of the paper only and are well centered and positioned on the page.

Flowers & Gems by Grazia Salvo is her third coloring book and is available on Amazon here.

Art Work

The artwork in this coloring book is breathtakingly beautiful.    Grazia adds so much texture and detail to her pages either by line art or shading that it makes it easy for colorists to follow along.  Although this is technically grayscale, it is a soft and subtle form.

Each image depicts a beautiful woman with an assortment of florals.    The faces are varied with different profiles and hairstyles to give the colorist a lot of opportunities to experiment with techniques.

Each picture is framed with either a decorative or plain border.  A sweet touch that Grazia adds, are elements overlapping the frame or peeking out to add interest and incorporate the frame.

Detail Level


Where to buy Kindness: Women of Flowers Coloring Book


Happy coloring x



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