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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Coloring Book Review

The Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book: The Classic Edition Buy on Amazon US| Buy on Book Depository|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon JP
by Charles Santore, Lewis Carroll
Published by Applesauce Press on 02/10/2018
Style: color inspiration images, Paper: Light to medium
Pages: 48
Format: Card cover, Glue Binding

Color and paint in the never-before-seen black-and-white artwork of award-winning illustrator Charles Santore with The Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book!

Now adults and children alike can relive scenes from the beloved classic with The Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book!! Featuring Charles Santore’s original black-and-white illustrations, this beautiful new coloring book allows everyone to bring color to their favorite story!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Coloring Book Review

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  Coloring Book illustrated by Charles Santore.

Coloring Book Cover & Layout

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is available in either a glossy paperback edition or hardback.    I chose the paperback edition for my review.    You will see from the front cover that the Charles Santore version of Alice in Wonderland features the lovely Alice in a yellow dress.   Of course, you can choose whatever color you fancy.

On the inner covers both front and back you will find colored thumbnails of the pictures inside.

As everyone knows,  I adore Alice in Wonderland and love seeing all the different versions of this beautiful fairy tale.   For me, this coloring book is a keepsake book.   An abridged story of Alice in Wonderland features in the book with illustrations to complement the story.   I could imagine coloring a few pictures and giving this to a little person as a gift (that hopefully they would cherish).   Of course, the full version of Alice in Wonderland is not contained in the book as it only has 48 pages.

Illustrations have been printed on one side of the white, light to medium paper.   The paper has a slight tooth to it making it ideal for pencils.    On the right page, you will find the artwork on the left of the text.

The title page at the front of the book would be the best place to test out your mediums.


Art Work

Charles Santore is an amazingly talented artist who has long been a children’s book illustrator.   The illustrations in this book are grayscale and feature a soft, delicate hand-drawn feel to them.    The lines are a dull black.   There is a lot of activity on the pages so it may not be easy for colorists with a minor visual impairment to color.

Charles has managed to capture the mood of the characters in Alice in Wonderland in this book including all the delightful animals.    He is highly skilled at drawing animals particularly “action” pictures.    His drawings of “Alice” are charming, although it seems that some of her hands are a little bit beefy in some pictures.   It just adds to the hand-drawn charm.

The grayscale illustrations make it easy for new colorists to make a start coloring.    To easily color the grayscale just pick three colors from the same color family, dark, mid, light.    Color the dark areas of the picture with the dark pencil the lighter areas with the light and blend the mid-tone color between them.


Detail Level


Where to buy

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About Charles Santore

Charles Santore is an award winning American illustrator best known for his children’s books. His work is on display permanently at the Brandywine River Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. He has won numerous awards for his illustrations including the Society of Illustrators Award of Excellence, the Alumni Award of the Philadelphia College of Art, and the Hamilton King Award.

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