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The A-Z of Flora and Fauna – Coloring Book Review

The A - Z of Flora and Fauna: a creative colouring book Buy from the Artist/Author
by Kelly O'Gorman
on 24 November 2017
Style: Paper: medium quality, Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Pages: 60
Format: Card cover
The A-Z of Flora and Fauna –  Coloring Book Review

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The A-Z of Flora and Fauna Coloring Book Video Review

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The A-Z of Flora and Fauna Coloring Book  Review

Kelly O’Gorman has mastered the art of creating alphabet letters to color in.    Her first alphabet style coloring book features the cutest images ever.  Everytime I see one of these colored on Instagram I get quite clucky!

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Cover & Layout

The laminate cover features a scaled down A and Z from the book which have been colored.    The background features line art of the flora and fauna featured in the book.  You can see from the cover art that the line art is detailed and intricate with each letter featuring a variety of flora and fauna.

On the back cover there are small thumbnails of colored letters from the book with some ideas for decorating with your colored art.

The spine is dark green  and features the name and artist details of the book.  You can see that it is quite a thick book.     If  you have Kelly’s earlier book,  it features a bright pink spine so they are easily recognisable on your shelf at a glance.

The A-Z of Flora and Fauna measures 20 cm x 22.5cm approximately.

Ancillary Pages

A plain title page and copyright page commences the book.   This would be a great place to test out your mediums.

Two colored pages follow one of a “T”  featuring a gorgeous Toucan and another with ideas on how to use your letters (similar to the back cover art).


Each illustration has been printed on one side of the paper only.   The paper is white 170 gsm and is perforated for easy removal.

Vowels have been printed three times each and consonants two times.   This makes it easier to spell out a name for a banner or framed artwork.

Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in the book are comprised of the complete alphabet.    Each letter of the alphabet has been illustrated with a flora nad fauna theme.   Thankfully on the inside back cover there is a list of each element included on the illustration.

Alphabet style books are great for a lot of reasons.   First of all they are a fantastic project to create a small piece of art when you are not up to starting a large picture or double page spread.   More importantly, they lend themselves to gift giving.   What could be nicer than giving someone a lovely framed set of letters representing their initials or name spelled out.    When I look at these alphabet letters and particularly Kelly’s first book, they make me wish I had a little person that I could color one of these for or perhaps use to decorate a nursery.

The Flora and Fauna coloring book has a more mature set of illustrations which are intricate and detailed.     Fans of flowers will be impressed with the varieties included; aster, begonia, chrysanthemum, cornflower, cherry blossom, dahlia, daffodil, daisy, dandelion, elderflower, forget me not, fuschia, foxglove, gladioli and many, many more.

As well as the gorgeous flowers there are an abundance of animals and birds featured in the coloring book. You will find snake, toucan, otter, zebra, urchin, vulture, ladybird and many others.

The line art in this book is black and crisp and easy to see.  However, colorists with a minor visual or motor impairment, may find that the images being smaller sized and heavily detailed too challenging to color.   A magnifying lamp would assist most colorists with the finer details.      There are a number of small details in the book which you need to reach for the pencil sharpener, finer liner or gel pen.

Each illustration has been well centered and positioned on the page for ease of coloring and decorating.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”11764″]

Detail Level


Where to buy The A-Z of Flora and Fauna – A creative colouring book

[easyazon_link identifier=”1527217019″ locale=”US” tag=”mygamingweb-20″]Amazon – out of stock[/easyazon_link] Artist 

Happy coloring x



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