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Arrtx 126 Colored Pencils Paint Chip Swatch (Free Download Colored or Blank)

Arrtx 126 Coloring Pencils Swatch Chart

The Arrtx 126 coloring pencils have a color chart on the back of the box but as this is printed, rather than colored with the pencils, it does not accurately show the pencil colors. The easiest way to see what the pencil colors look like so you can plan your picture and create your color blends is by completing a swatch chart for your Arrtx pencils.

The swatch chart I have created is designed as a paint chip style. I print out my swatch charts, complete them, laminate them and then hole punch at the top. I then thread the paint chip swatches onto a key ring. This makes it easy for me to quickly look through the colors and use the individual swatch squares to compare to other colors in the picture I am working on. Of course, you could always leave it as a sheet without cutting out the individual squares, all up to you!

Download Arrtx 126 Swatch Chart

You can download a colored version of the 126 Arrtx colored pencils swatch chart here. If you are using this regularly, I would recommend laminating it to avoid spills and finger prints.

Download Arrtx 126 Colored Pencils – Colored Swatch Chart

You can download a blank version of the 126 Arrtx colored pencils swatch chart here. You will need to print out the chart, color it and then laminate it if you wish.

Download Arrtx 126 Colored Pencils – Blank Swatch Chart

If you have not seen my review of the Arrtx 126 Colored Pencils you can see it here.

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