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Arrtx 126 Coloring Pencils Review | Swatching and Tips

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Arrtx 126 Coloring Pencils Review | Swatching and Tips

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Arrtx Colored Pencils Review | Swatching and Tips

You can check out my video review of the Arrtx 126 Coloring Pencils above.

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Arrtx colored pencils are wax-based artist-grade pencils that are available in two sizes – 72 and 126




The packaging for the Arrtx colored pencils features a sturdy cardboard box that is multipurpose.

The box serves as a gift presentation box if you are gifting the pencils; a storage case for the pencils; and an organizer for the pencils.

The outer box easily lifts up revealing two smaller-sized boxes that perfectly fit inside.   Each half-size box contains three rows of pre-sharpened pencils.

The pencils are vertically placed, tip down, on a foam insert that has a hole to firmly contain the pencil.

This internal packaging protects the pencils during not only shipping but also when you are using the pencils.    The boxes also assist with organizing as you can choose to have just the box containing the colors that you are using on your workspace.    If you are short on space like I am, then this is a real bonus.


  • two sizes available – 72 colors or 126 colors
  • pre-sharpened
  • wax-based for easy blending
  • creamy and buttery to use but with a firmness that allows you to color finer areas and ensures they stay sharp for longer
  • no wax bloom and very little pencil dust when adding multiple layers
  • large range of  vibrant colors
  • performs well on a variety of papers without blunting
  • can add multiple layers (up to 5 without slippage on the paper) or more (depending on the tooth of the paper you are using)
  • sturdy wooden barrel with a casing that is similar to the pigment color for many of the pencils
  • suitable for beginners to more advanced colorists and artists
  • pencil name and number printed in silver on the barrel

Sharpening Arrtx Colored Pencils

I used my favorite pencil sharpener the M and R pencil sharpener to sharpen the Arrtx colored pencils which you can see in the video above.

You can sharpen the pencil to a long, fine point without the tip breaking as happens with many wax-based pencils.

Many subscribers and readers recommend the Dahle 133 but I have not tried this sharpener.

Erasing Arrtx Colored Pencils

I tested erasing the Arrtx colored pencils on a variety of papers using the red-toned colors and multiple layers.     All of the tests that I carried out in the video above show that the pigment was easy to erase with my Derwent electric eraser.    The pencil was easily removed without damaging the papers or causing any pilling.

My favorite eraser is the Derwent electric eraser which is easy to use, long-lasting, and also great for providing highlights.

I also tested my Tombow eraser with the Arrtx coloring pencils.    Usually, this sand eraser is great for erasing colored pencils and Inktense pencils.  In my tests though, although it worked, it was quite labor intensive and was not as efficient as the Derwent electric eraser for quickly removing the pigment.


Blender for Arrtx Colored Pencils

While using the Arrtx colored pencils I did not need to use a blender specifically to blend the pencils as I just used one pencil to blend into another.   I have now started a page in my Rooms of Wonder Coloring Book.    Rather than trying to blend out the large elements on the telephone in the picture below, I used my Caran D’Ache blender pencil which worked quickly and easily.






This is the Caran D’Ache blender pencil  that I used to blend the reds in the telephone.

Tips on using Arrtx Colored Pencils

  • you can apply firmer pressure with these pencils without breaking, and get an immediate solid color
  • if you like to layer your coloring, you can easily layer up to 5 times without any wax buildup (more if your paper is toothier)
  • clean your sharpener by sharpening a lead pencil to remove a build-up of wax
  • slightly turn your pencil as you use it to keep the point sharp for longer
  • if you want to build depth faster, try using a layer of Arrtx markers as your base.   Once that dries, then color over and add depth, shadows, and highlights with your pencils.
  • to soften the look of the pencil and produce a poor man’s watercolor, use a wet wipe over a light layer of a pencil.    Always discreetly test this before trying on the page that you are coloring as the paper, the amount of color applied, your wipes, and pressure may be different from mine. No one wants a hot mess as their finished product!   You can see my test in the video above and the effect that it produces

Color Swatches

You can see my color swatch video here.


  • large range of colors
  • two product size options
  • soft and easy to blend with a firmness ideal for finer lines
  • easy to build layers or solidly color
  • pencils retain their point for longer than comparable pencils
  • no wax bloom
  • high quality at a lower cost than comparable products


    • I believe the pencils are not lightfast (but will update when I hear from Arrtx).   If you are selling your art commercially or like to frame and hang your work then this may be an issue
    • at the moment, open stock is not available to purchase additional or replacement pencils
    • the name and numbers shown on the pencils are difficult to read (for me!)
    • the set does not appear to have any french greys

Where to buy Arrtx 126 Coloring Pencils

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon DE | Amazon FR

At the moment, there are a number of sales running for the Arrtx 126 Coloring Pencils.

  • Colorists in Europe can purchase these pencils on sale with a 15% discount from 1 – 8 January 2023
  • Colorists in the US can purchase these pencils on sale with a 15% discount from 9-15 January 2023
  • Colorists in the UK can purchase these pencils when on sale with a 15% discount from 16-22 January 2023

I would love to know if you have these pencils in your coloring supply collection and what your thoughts are on them.

Happy coloring x


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