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Snow White Kawade Shobo Coloring Book Review

Snow White Kawade Shobo Coloring Book Buy on Amazon US|Buy on Amazon JP
on 16 March 2013
Style: color inspiration images, Paper: medium quality, Perforated pages, single page illustrations
Pages: 40
Format: Soft cover
Snow White  Kawade Shobo Coloring Book Review

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Tips on coloring the pages in Snow White Coloring Book

Snow White Kawade Shobo Coloring Book  Review

There is a series of these Japanese coloring books with the Kawade Shobo branding.    The first one I purchased was Alice in Wonderland (of course) and then the Peter Rabbit postcards.   All of the books in the series are beautifully created and such lovely coloring books.    For a long time,  I used to see these books online and wonder why they were less expensive than my usual purchases.   Of course,  I had to buy one and find out.  Now, of course,  I’m a little addicted. Every time I have some spare money I buy another one to add to my collection.

Cover & Layout

The glossy dust jacket features a colored image from the book.   On the back, you can see a scaled down version of line art from within the book.    On the cover, it is shown as blue line art but in the book, it is soft grey.   The card cover on the actual book features several images from the book outlined in pink.  The same image is on the back cover.  You could color the cover if. you were keen

The Snow White coloring book is approximately A4 sized measuring 10.4 x 8. 2 in approximately.

visual index of Snow White coloring pages

Ancillary Pages

A blank page starts the book and works like a protective page.     This is followed by two pages of colored thumbnails showing the 11 illustrations in the book.    There are two pages of coloring tips in the book that you could study by looking at the pictures.  One of the things that I love about these books is the full page colored illustrations included.   They are so beautiful I would love to cut them out and hang them up, but sadly they are printed on both sides so I would have to choose which one to lose :(.    Below each illustration is a little summary of the fairy tale in both Japanese and English.

There is a decorated title page that commences the coloring book part of the book which is the only place to test out your mediums.


The first part of the book is printed on colored paper and is divided into thumbnails, tips and full-page illustrations with a summary of the story.     The paper then changes to white medium quality, perforated pages for the illustrations.

All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style and are positioned away from the edge of the book and the perforation marks.

Art Work

The line art in these books is based on the original Disney illustrations, so there is an immediate sense of familiarity.    The outlines are quite simple with very little detail added to the characters faces.      This gives the colorist a lot of opportunities to blend and layer colors to create the depth and appearance they desire.     Colorists that are just learning these techniques will also be able to achieve great results with just solid coloring as well.

The line art is black and a fine/medium line for the main characters.   Background elements are often in a softer grey line and sometimes, depending on the drawing, it is thicker.    The softness of color of some of the lines may be challenging for colorists with a minor visual impairment.

There are a number of. illustrations in the book that do not fill the whole of the page.  Tops of trees, for example, taper off with the colorist left to free-form fill these areas.    For me, this is not ideal as I have zero skill at adding details and may end up with a hot mess instead of a painterly effect.

There is something about Disney that is truly magical,  you can almost feel the stress leave your body when you look at these gorgeous pictures.


Detail Level


Where to buy Snow White Kawade Shobo Coloring Book

Amazon US Amazon Japan

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