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Adult Disney – The world of Dreams (大人ディズニー 夢の世界へ 素敵な塗り絵レッスンブック)

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by Inko Kotoriyama
on 22 December 2016
Style: color inspiration images, Contains Extras, double page printing, Instructions - Tips, Poster
Pages: 80
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue & Stitched, Lay Flat Binding

No matter what age you are there is something magical about Disney and the beautiful characters that we have known and loved. These illustrations are so well done and created you will feel as if Walt Disney himself was in the room with you.

Adult Disney – The world of Dreams  (大人ディズニー 夢の世界へ 素敵な塗り絵レッスンブック)

Adult Disney – The world of Dreams Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of   Disney World of Dreams Coloring Book for adults.

Adult Disney – The world of Dreams  Coloring Book Review

Talented Japanese artist, Inko Kotoriyama has already created one coloring book based on Disney which was released in July 2016.    This is her second coloring book of Disney characters which features line art and coloring techniques.

I think, as I have aged,  I become more and more nostalgic for things that I loved or had when I was younger.    When we first got a TV (I lived on a farm for a while without mod cons) every Sunday night at 6.30 p.m. the Wonderful World of Disney would be on.   Disneyland!   All the characters from your favorite story books and so much dreaminess and imagination.   It was pretty heady stuff for a little country girl.

I was beyond excited when I went to the real Disneyland in Anaheim for my 21st birthday.     It was like being inside that lovely tv show again …but better!    One story that I used to love was Bambi and Thumper of course, the rabbit.    I had a pair of sheets as a girl with this design on it and I used them until they were faded and threadbare.      I just loved it.     When I opened this book to look through it, it  fell open at the page with that lovely Bambi scene from my  childhood!     It’s magic 🙂

Cover & Layout

The Adult Disney World of Dreams Coloring Book features a lovely laminate dust jacket with partial colored art work on it.    The stars of Disney, Mickey and Minnie are the focal point of this art.    On the back of the dust jacket there are two sets of thumbnails detailing the coloring techniques that form part 1 of this book and the coloring pages that form the balance.   The dust jacket does not have any line art to color on the inside.

The cover of the actual book is glossy and white.    The dust jacket art has been replicated as line art on it.   This would look great colored and you may need to use alcohol markers to penetrate that gloss coat.    The back features a small illustration of Tinkerbell.

The coloring book is a little smaller than you may think measuring in at 22.5cm x 22.8cm


All of the art work has been printed on both sides of  the medium quality, white paper.   All images are orientated portrait style.     Within the book there are 8 pages of double page scenes.   Some of the line art does run to the spine of the book, but due to the beautiful binding which assists the book to lay flat, you will have no difficulty coloring these areas.

Ancillary Pages

A gorgeous colored title page commences the book.    A sweet image of Micky and Minnie kissing immediately makes me smile.

This coloring book is divided into two parts.    At the front of the book, presented in color, are beautiful pencil coloring techniques for coloring the characters within the book.    There are approximately 39 pages of instructions within this section.   At the end of the section there are also some colored inspirational images.   This section of the book has been printed on a cardstock. Copyright information and a mauve protective paper conclude this section of the book.

The next section of the book consists of the Disney coloring book.   A colored glossy page starts the book.   A massive amount of effort has gone into compiling this book.    One of the things that really  is noticeable is that in the coloring book section the binding used is lay flat to ensure the pages lay down.

Illustrations and Image Gallery

T he coloring book commences with the colored title page image reproduced as line art for you to color.  Four pages follow that comprises a visual thumbnail index of the content of the book. I have to say that I already loved Disney but looking at Inko’s art work has made me love it even more and become even more sentimental for it.

One thing I am really grateful for is that the line art is black and crisp and the medium line weight makes it visually easy to see.    You will see all your favorite characters in this gorgeous coloring nook of Disney  including Micky and Minnie, Goofy  Dumbo as well as your favorite stories of Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Snow White just to name a few.       There are one or two pages that are in a darker grey outline rather than the black and I feel that this may be a printing error.

The bulk of the images contain numerous additional elements to color in and lots of background and foreground detail.

Some illustrations are so finely packed with detail you may be coloring for hours or days in order to finish it.

You will also notice that the coloring book has page numbers on it discreetly in the corner of each image.   I presume, that this is to correlate with information given out in the coloring tutorial section of the book.

[foogallery id=”5414″]


At the end of the book, as is often the case with Japanese coloring books there is a treat.      You will find 4 gorgeous Disney themed posters printed on card stock and single sided.    At the end of the coloring techniques section you will find the inspirational colored images for this line art.

Where to Buy

This book was released on 22 December 2016.   At the moment the only stockist for it is Amazon Japan.    Please do not be confused with the earlier book by Inko that has a similar cover but was released in July.   I do not have the book released in July,  but from what I can see of  the images inside it, it is a different book.

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About Inko Kotoriyama

Inko Kotoriyama is a Japanese knitter, author and illustrator. This multi talented lady has produced a a number of knitting and coloring books during her career. Her illustrations and knitted works are cute and whimsical. She loves birds, particularly budgies and is writing a budgie comic.

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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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