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The Day We Finally Meet Coloring Book Review

The Day We Finally Meet Coloring Book Buy on Amazon US|Buy from Etailer
by Kim Yu Jin
on November 2016
Style: Contains Extras, double page printing
Pages: 96
Format: Card cover with fold out

This beautiful Korean coloring book illustrates the time of pregnancy to birth of a baby. Depicted by beautifully drawn critters, it will tear at the heart strings as you leaf through the pages

The Day We Finally Meet Coloring Book Review

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The Day We Finally Meet Coloring Book  Review

It’s funny how sometimes I confuse myself with books I’ve seen, reviewed or ordered.  I could have sworn that I had reviewed the gorgeous Korean Coloring book,  The Day We Finally Meet last  year.   I was surprised when I was rearranging my shelves to find it in my “to review” book pile.   It was buried deep too!   In a moment of sheer madness I must have put this little cutie at or near the top of the stack and then it got buried under all the new ones that arrived.  Or  I am just going completely insane 🙂

Cover & Layout

The sturdy card cover has a faint texture to it.   It features a lovely lilac striped wallpaper background and colored printing of cute critters surrounds by flowers, butterflies and bows.    It really is delicately pretty and correlates with the content inside the book.

On the back there are two lovely swans surrounded by gifts and their young cygnet.  You could color this line art if you wished.

The Day We Finally Meet measures approximately 25cm x 25cm.

The fold out flaps both front and back feature a mauve background with line art on it and text in Korean.

There is nothing to color on the inside of the cover.

Ancillary Pages

At the front and back fo the book there are two double pages of protective paper with a grey floral pattern on it.

The front title page features a pared down version of the cover art with copyright information on reverse.   This would be a great spot to test out your mediums.

A cat family forms the line art for a nameplate page.   On the reverse there is a Prologue listing out Hush Little Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Oh, Mr Sun, Rain, Rain go Away,  Hickory Dickory Dock, Row, Row, Row Your Boar,  I’m a Little Teapot and some Korean text and finishing with the Epilogue.

There is a 7 page visual index at the end of the book.


Illustrations have been printed on both sides of the off white, smooth medium quality paper.    However, there are only two double page scenes within the book.    Many of the pages have a smaller image and text on one side of the page and a larger, full page illustration on the facing page.     This means that if you were prepared to sacrified the smaller image, you could use whatever medium you wished on the other page.

The Day We Finally Meet Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in the Day We Finally Meet all have the appearance of hand drawn art about them.    The artist tends to use the whole of the page on the right hand side of the coloring book to pack in beautifully drawn details and scenes.   The real feature of this coloring book are the adorable animals that are depicted with their young.     So much detail and texture has been added to the bunnies, cats and bears that lovers of whimsy may actually swoon looking at it.   Most of the animals are outfitted in little clothes and engage in “human” type behaviours,  pushing their pram, reading books or collecting animals.

Backgrounds are also very detailed with lovely nature scenes, lakes, bridges, water scenes and an abundance of beautifully drawn flowers in many varieties.

Colorists have the opportunity to color a variety of  different elements within this book including fur, wood, stone and water.

Most of the art work is packed on to the page.   Although there are some focal points that have large open elements, colorists that have a minor visual impairment may find the amount of elements on the page overwhelming and difficult to see to color.

The artist has used a variety of line weights from fine to thick in these illustrations which adds to the hand drawn feel of this Korean coloring book.    The line color is a dull black and easy to see.

Please click on an image to view more detail

[foogallery id=”9989″]


At the back of the book there is a CD which I think contains the lullabies mentioned in the book –  Hush Little Baby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Oh, Mr Sun, Rain, Rain go Away,  Hickory Dickory Dock, Row, Row, Row Your Boar,  I’m a Little Teapot and some songs in Korean listed in Korean text.

Detail Level

Low High

Where to buy The Day We Finally Meet Coloring Book


Amazon US Etailer Korea

Happy coloring x



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  • I had the exact same thought, “hey, hasn’t Lea reviewed this before?” I was also thinking that I knew you had, because you were calling the chipmunk a squirrel, as you hadn’t previously been exposed to chipmunks. Then, I sort of recalled there was a birthday or birth themed book that had a similar cover. I wonder if you (and I) were thinking of that one? Lol

    Love the review, as always. Though, sigh, the purchase of this one might have to wait until next month, as I just made a huge purchase (this particular book was on my wishlist though, I just chose others instead). You and your reviews are very bad for my bank balance! 😉

    • lol you should see my bank balance! I think I’m one of the few reviewers that buys 99% of their books …my bank balance hates me lol. I thought I had reviewed it ..but I must have put it in the pile to review and it got buried under new ones. The one that you are thinking about is a Japanese one and it is Happy Birthday by Inko. It’s gorgeous! My first view of chipmunks other than that cartoon of Chip n Dale …I still get them confused as we don’t have squirrels or chipmunks in Australia. I used to live in London though and there were plenty of squirrels that I seen on my way to work. So cute! Happy coloring x

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