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PSA: Daydreams & Summer Nights Coloring Books Paper Quality

For the last few weeks I’ve had a number of readers and subscribers contact me querying the paper quality in the English editions of Daydreams and Summer Nights by Swedish artist, Hanna Karlzon.     The paper in these books is beautiful.  It is ivory, smooth, a medium weight and approximately 160 gsm (copy paper is about 60 gsm).

At first,  I thought it must be a one off problem with the book when a reader described it as “cheap coloring book” and others described it as “gritty” and like “construction paper”.   The more messages that I received I realized that something had changed in this book from the one that I have on my shelf.

Gibbs Smith the English publishers of  Hanna Karlzon’s coloring books went to a massive amount of effort to replicate the look and feel of  Dagdrommar and Sommarnatt for the English market, including using the same paper mill as used by the Swedish Publishers, Pagina Forlag.     One reader questioned whether they had printed a “good” run of books and then just substituted cheap paper for future sales.   That seemed bizarre considering the amount of work that Gibbs Smith had already done to produce these high quality coloring books.

On behalf of a reader, I contacted Gibbs Smith and queried the paper.   The representative from Gibbs Smith  advised that the supplier had, without their knowledge and consent, substituted the paper for the second print run of  books.     Gibbs Smith advised that purchasers of the books  should contact them at email with subject line “coloring book” to arrange a replacement copy to be issued to them.

Open your book up, and on the publication information page, it should state whether it is a second print run of the book.    The first and third print runs of  the English editions of  Daydreams and Summer Nights contain the correct paper.  If you feel the paper is thinnish, gritty not what you expected, but you cannot find the print run information,  contact Gibbs Smith.

Many people are new to Hanna’s work, having only purchased her English releases of coloring books, and consequently could not understand what the hype was with the paper.   They were left loving the illustrations but unimpressed with the paper.

When I review  books I always try and state what quality the paper is.   It saddens me to think that many people would have relied on my judgement that it was “beautiful, medium quality”” and received something far less.      I can only say, that mistakes do happen in the printing and publishing world,  and if you are in any doubt, always contact the seller or the publisher and query it.

Gibbs Smith endeavored to let customers know that they will replace copies of the book via their individual responses to Amazon feedback that you can see here.

Many readers have already received their replacement coloring books from Gibbs Smith who are operating very efficiently to deal with these requests.   A member of staff called Cortney (Email Cortney) has been praised by readers for “getting things done”.

If you have received either Daydreams or Summer Nights by Hanna Karlzon and it is from the second print run Gibbs Smith will replace it for you.  Just use the contact details that I have given you above.    You are going to LOVE the paper that is in your replacement copy!

As Christmas approaches, many of you may receive these books from Santa as well.    Make sure you discreetly check the print run on the copy, and if you have a second print run copy email Gibbs Smith for a replacement.  I am sure that Santa would have been far too busy to check paper quality in books for you so rather than end up on the naughty list you may want to keep it your little secret 🙂

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I'm Lea and I love everything to do with coloring! If it is a coloring book, a poster or even a bookmark that you can color in, I'm all over it. Of course, a girl has to have some pencils, markers, gelly rolls, pastels and what not to make those pictures pretty and I love those as well.

Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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    • You are going to love the difference in paper when you receive your replacement copy Theresa! Hope Santa delivers it before Christmas for you x

  • Thanks for the info. I was so sad about the paper quality when I received my copies. I have 2 copied of daydreams and 1 of summer nights with the inferior paper. Hopefully they will replace it for me 🙂

    • I am sure they will 🙂 email Cortney – link to her email is above as she is amazingly efficient. My readers seem to be getting their replacement copies in a very short period of time! Happy coloring x

    • Thank you Marsha. Hope you get your replacement copy soon. Gibbs Smith have been dispatching them very quickly and most of my readers have already received their replacements. Happy coloring x

  • Thanks very much for looking into this and sharing your findings. I’ve got a copy and thought the paper was a bit strange and not artist quality as expected, and it turns out to be a second edition. I’m hoping Gibbs Smith will be able to replace it for the correct version…fingers crossed!

    • I am sure they will have no problems replacing it Rachel! Most of my readers, except those in Australia, have received their replacements before Christmas. Readers in Australia are still waiting as the post seems to be quite delayed with the Christmas rush 🙂 Happy coloring x

      • Hello, I’ve just sent my email as well, what should I do with my bad copies of books? I ordered Daydreams and Summer Nights via amazon and I received 2nd ptinting books from July 2016… 🙁 Will they ask me to send it back to Publisher or should I return them to amazon?

        • Hi Barbara, none of my readers have been asked to send the bad copies back. I would just use it to practice your techniques and effects on like a practice book. That’s what I do with defective books that I have received in the past. Hope that helps x

  • Thanks for this information, I emailed on 19th December and received my new book yesterday 28th. Fantastic service and so easy

    • Thank Valerie for updating us! They are doing an amazing job getting the books out so quickly particularly in the Christmas period. Happy coloring x

  • My summernights have the normal paper I think, but is it normal that when I am coloring the black lines are smudging? It’s like the ink is wet?
    I use coloring pencils.

    • You should not be experiencing transfer of ink. Contact Gibbs Smith and let them know of your issues so they can help resolve the issue. It may be that you have the book from the second print run. Happy coloring x

  • I want to thank you for sharing this info, Lea.
    I bought both books and both were second edition (although the seller mentioned first print on the website…)
    I’ve mailed Gibbs and they have sent the replacement copies on december 29th an I have received them today (January 6th)
    What an excellent service!
    The paper quality from the correct print is so amazing !
    So thank you so much, you (and Gibbs 😉 ) have made me one happy woman 🙂

    • That’s great to hear Veerie! I have been amazed with how quickly US readers have been receiving their coloring book replacements from Gibbs Smith too. I notice though, some Australian readers are still waiting … always the way in this part of the world though as there is always a long delay. I hope you enjoy coloring your books and that lovely paper x

      • I live in Belgium so I didn’t expected them as soon as they did. It was a wonderfull surprise when FedEx rang our bell 🙂
        Lucky enough that I was at home at that time !
        I will definitely enjoy coloring in my lovely books 🙂
        Please keep on making your great bookreviews on YouTube.
        They are an inspiration (and a money-eater but oh well…. 🙂 ) and so much fun to watch !
        Happy coloring ! X

        • Wow! I assumed you were in the US. That is fast shipping! I wish it was that fast everywhere ….I would get more books faster lol! I remember visiting Belgium years ago and there was a lovely chocolate shop. I think for memory it was called Leonardos? The chocolates were divine …but oh so fattening 🙁 I often think of those chocolates, not as much as coloring books though! Enjoy your books x

  • I live in UK and I can tell that Gibbs and Smith is really good publishing company:) They have dispatched my books on 4 January 2017 and I received it on 11 January2017:) Both books (Summer nights and Daydreams) are amazing and printed on very good paper:) They packaging was very secure as well – big box with “PU chips” inside, both books are in mint condition. Thank you Lea for this post, it helps us all a lot. And thank you Gibbs and Smith for respecting your customers and very good service.

    • I am amazed with how efficient and prompt Gibbs Smith have been with dealing with the replacements – bearing in mind that a lot of these requests came in during the Christmas period when there is generally skeleton staff. Their delivery service is amazing -I’ve been waiting a month for items that are in countries closer to me, they must have an excellent courier system! I’m glad you have received your replacements so promptly! Happy coloring and enjoy Hanna’s beautiful work x

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