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Gnomes: An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Throughout Time

Gnomes: An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Throughout Time Buy on Amazon US|Buy on Amazon UK|Buy on Amazon Ca
by Daniel Savage
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on November 10th 2016
Style: Contains Extras, single page illustrations
Format: Glue Binding, Soft cover

32 Whimsical Gnome Coloring Pages
An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Through the Ages Gnomes - often elusive, and rarely seen in todays world, unless they are standing guard over a garden, Gnomes have been a part of the background of our lives for hundreds of years. Now you can travel through time and explore the quirky world of Gnomes with over 30 whimsical, magical coloring pages.32 All Original Designs A Fun Illustrated Pge Just for Color Testing Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet to avoid bleed through 60 lb bright wihite paper Hours of coloring pleasure Designs for every skill level Each coloring page is designed for Fun and Relaxation, So sit back, grab your coloring tools of choice, and take a journey through the wonderful world of Gnomes Throughout Time

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Gnomes: An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Throughout Time Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  Gnomes Throughout Time Coloring Book by Daniel Savage.

Gnomes: An Adult Coloring Book of Gnomes Throughout Time Review

Regular You Tube Subscribers may recall that I created a video and giveaway for this book about a month or more ago.   At that stage,  I only had a digital copy of the illustrations to inspect.     My physical copy of  Gnomes Coloring Book arrived last week for me to review.   I am noticing that with the Christmas rush that my coloring books are taking longer to reach me than usual 🙁

Gnomes Throughout Time Coloring Book is a very special coloring book, not only for the illustrations that it provides but because it also has a very real life story of  tragedy and kindness.     Some of you may be familiar with artist Daniel Savage’s art work.  You may remember him from earlier in the year posting in the Facebook groups his art and  “gnome” based art work.        I see a lot of artists each day, and you may think it would be hard to remember them all (and still forget the milk!) but I remember Daniel very well.     The thing that impressed me the most about Daniel was how excited he was  with the positive feedback that he received in Facebook groups.   That’s you guys.   You made his day.

Now, the reason that you do not see Daniel any more posting in groups and promoting this book is that he and his family received tragic news relating to Daniel’s health.    You can read more about that at Daniel’s page or  their plum fund page.

This lovely book of Gnomes may have remained sheets of  art work never to be seen by the world had it not been for the kindness of  a group of artists.   Taking Daniel’s art work, untouched, they formatted the book, created the cover and arranged for the publication of  Gnomes Coloring Throughout Time.    They did more than that as well, but I’ll tell you about that later.     They did all of this because artists need to stick together and help one another out as there is no-one else to do it.   Being an artist is not like being a doctor or a clerk.   You are on your own, to organize and provide for your family and future.  There is no employer fund to help you.      In this case, it was even more important that artists help one another as Gnomes Coloring Through Time, is Daniel’s legacy for his wife and children.

This is a difficult book to review because I know the story behind it, and it wasn’t the artist’s hand that collated the book  but a group of artists he was only just getting to know.

Cover & Layout

The cover is glossy and soft cover .   This A4 sized book packs 32 full page illustrations all based on gnomes inside the cover.     One of the illustrations from the book has been used as a colored cover image and  it is super cute with  a group of gnomes, gnome doors and toadstools making an appearance.   A border of red makes the imagery stand out on the cover and complements the hats the little gnomes are sporting.

The back cover features  a little about the artist and  four thumbnail images of art from within the book.

Ancillary Pages

A cute title page starts the book and features  scaled down gnome art work from within the book.     There is a full page of Acknowledgements from Daniel to follow.

At t he end of the book there is a small section about the Artist and another cute drawing to color.    Two adorable tester pages conclude the book that feature groups of little toadstools where you can test out your colors.   A couple of blank pieces of paper at the end of the book would make a good blotting paper between pages if you did not have anything else to use.


The illustrations have been printed on white, trade stock paper.    The bulk of the images are orientated portrait style with one illustration in landscape orientation.


There is a variety of gnome based illustrations in the book.  You will find gnomes with just portrait view, full frontal and in a variety of costumes.    There are gnomes that have a lot of background elements and others that are more simplified.   There are several illustrations that feature a “gnome landscape” with lovely castles,  voluptuous mushrooms or inside the gnome home.

The line color and line weight varies throughout the book.   Some of the lines are far darker and crisper than others.  In this regard, I am conscious of the fact that Daniel was not the one that compiled his art work. Often artists’ make changes to their line art when it is being  collated but  Daniel did not have this opportunity.     In the circumstances,   I think that this is something that gives the book more charm and character and tells its own story.

Gnomes Throughout Time Coloring Book Image Gallery

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Where to buy Gnomes Throughout Time Coloring Book

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  • I have Daniel’s Book and would love to get this one as a set.
    Love the gnome drawings.
    Used to think gnomes were scary and mean looking. Since I’ve been coloring, I have grown to love them. They look so cute, especially in this coloring book.
    Great review as always Lea

    • Thank you Connie! They are cute aren’t they! I am so used to seeing them as garden ornaments that it’s nice to see them in a book. If you have Daniel’s book already …that is this one or perhaps you mean the collaborative book Coloring For Daniel? Happy coloring x

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