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Coloring Books – New Releases – August 2020

My pick of the new coloring books releases for August 2020

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all coloring books being released. Bear in mind, that there are hundreds and hundreds of books being released every month. I cannot possibly keep up with all of them!

This list of new releases is only books that have taken my fancy, and that I think that you may like as well. Due to the high cost of postage for most readers, this list will usually not include International releases.

Many of these books I will be reviewing as part of my coloring book reviews.

Please also bear in mind that different countries often have different publication dates. Something may be released in the US earlier than in the UK or vice versa.

If you know of a new release that you think I may be interested in, leave a comment in the area below

let’s go …

Tales from the Midnight Masquerade Coloring Book

Hanna Karlzon’s seventh coloring book is now available in an English edition. The English edition is published by the same publisher, Gibbs Smith that has previously published her other coloring books, so I expect the quality to be the same. The book promises “… a midnight masquerade at a grand mansion. Guests in splendid costumes dance and mingle in an atmosphere of music, lighted candles, lanterns, and all kinds of magical and mystical creatures.” The “look inside” of this coloring book shows a lot of pages that have a lot more people per page, than her previous books by Hanna. Midnight Masquerade Coloring Book is sized at “7.2 x 9.8 inches”.


Publication Date: 4 August 2020

You can Buy Midnight Masquerade Coloring Book here

Johanna Basford 2021 Coloring Wall Calendar: Inky Wonderlands

Johanna Basford has a range of coloring products based on her coloring books including calendars, journals and planners.    Her latest calendar is a spiral bound “2021 monthly wall calendar that features “amazingly detailed illustrations of fantastical creatures, fabulous flora, and magical kingdoms taken from all eight of her books”  The calendar is printed on high-quality stock  selected by the artist to provide best coloring results”.

If you prefer a smaller desk calendar, Johanna often releases these products as well.

Pages: 24

Publication Date: 25 August 2020

You can Buy the 2021 Inky Wonderlands Coloring Wall Calendar here 

Unicorns & Mystical Creatures Glow-in-the-Dark Manga Coloring

This coloring book is a little bit different from others.   It features “90 scenes of unicorns and other mystical creatures”. Of those 90 scenes there are “24 that glow in the dark, so the magical creatures will stay beside you when you turn out the lights and drift off to sleep.”   The illustrations shown in the “look  inside” feature large images which may make it suitable for colorists of all ages.

Pages: 96

Publication Date: 18 August 2020

You can Buy Unicorns & Mystical Creatures Glow-in-the-Dark Manga Coloring Book here

Creative Haven Christmas Cats Coloring Book

Creative Haven publish coloring books that offer outstanding value for the colorist.    They include two colored inspirational images, perforated pages and single sided images.  In this coloring book, Marjorie Sarnat provides “31 purrfectly playful holiday illustrations. From felines frolicking on a stack of gifts and riding a toboggan to kittens cuddling a teddy bear friend and decorating cookies, it’s a book filled with festive images for everyone who loves this very special season — and cats!”

Pages: 64

Publication Date: 12 August 2020

You can buy Creative Haven Christmas Cats Coloring Book here

Creative Haven Celebrate! Day of the Dead Coloring Book

Creative Haven have introduced a new team of illustrators to the coloring world for this coloring book.  This appears to be the first coloring book by David and Chris Edgerly.   You will find the usual Creative Haven format including “31 elaborately detailed designs which include iconic sugar skulls as well as dozens of whimsical skeletons, an important symbol of the festive event, in a variety of playful poses.”

Pages: 64

Publication Date: 12 August 2020

You can Buy Celebrate!  Day of the Dead Coloring Book here

Creative Haven Happy Hanukkah Coloring Book

Another one from Creative Haven this month.  It follows the usual Creative Haven format and promises you can “celebrate the joys of Hanukkah with a wonderful mix of both traditional and whimsical holiday motifs. Richly detailed illustrations range from decorative menorahs, dreidels, and Torah designs to nostalgic images inspired by Jewish history and folk art. ”

Pages: 64

Publication Date: 12 August 2020

You can buy Happy Hanukkah Coloring Book here

Simpler Times Coloring Book: A Coloring Celebration of Country Traditions

Well known artist and craftsman, Jim Shore, has produced another coloring book.    This coloring book features “original artwork celebrating tradition, family, and love of country.”  You will find “more than 30 of Jim’s designs, inspired by folk art, that include birds, roosters, village scenes, covered bridges, farms, angels, and more. Unique quilt patterns are incorporated into every design as an homage to Jim’s mother.”

The book is published Design Originals who publish books that represent great value for money for colorists.  The book features 14 colored inspirational images, perforated pages and single page illustrations (with a quote on the back).

Pages: 80

Publication Date: 11 August 2020

You can buy Simpler Times Coloring Book here

Mystical & Majestic Animals: A Fantastic Coloring Adventure

Design Original have created a coloring book featuring the art work of Japanese illustrator, Kayomi Harai.  Kayomi has previously illustrated Santa’s Furry Helpers, Teacup Kittens and Santa’s Kitty Helpers.     This coloring book appears to show a new style for Kayomi that differs from her previous cute and whimsical coloring books.

Inside this book you will find “unicorns, wolves, tigers, snow leopards, phoenixes, dragons and more” to color.   There are “32 beautiful designs to color, and 49  examples of finished art, presented with the line art side-by-side, for a variety of coloring inspiration”.   The coloring book is printed on “archival-grade, acid-free, 200-year paper. Each intricate art design is printed on a single side of the perforated paper, with a brilliantly finished example on the back”.

Pages: 80

Publication Date: 11 August 2020

You can buy Mystical & Majestic Animals Coloring Book here

Zendoodle Colorscapes: Outrageous Owls: Wacky Birds to Color and Display

Deborah Muller publishes coloring books in her own name and as illustrator for the Zendoodle Colorscapes series of coloring books.    The coloring books feature cute images that could appeal to a wide range of colorists of all ages and skill levels.  In this book you will find perforated pages with “more than 60 wild and wonderful birds of prey turned birds of play”

Pages: 128

Publication Date: 11 August 2020

You can buy Zendoodle Colorscapes: Outrageous Owls Coloring Book here

‘Tis the Season: A Christmas Spirit Coloring Book 

Design Originals have created a Christmas coloring book that is filled with 32 “traditional, vintage, nostalgic-driven Christmas images, sayings, and inspirations”.   You will find “decorated trees, gingerbread houses, holiday wreaths, Santa Claus, and more”. The coloring book is printed on 200 year paper that resist bleed through of colored pencils, markers, crayons, pens, brush pens and watercolors.    The pages are single sided and perforated for easy removal for framing or gifting.  The coloring book also contains “You’ll also find hints and tips on color theory, embellishing your art, shading, and more, as well as a gallery of colored examples”

Pages: 80

Publication Date: 11 August 2020

You can buy ‘Tis the Season: A Christmas Spirit Coloring Book here

Coloring With ArtbyO

This appears to be the first coloring book from the ArtbyO brand illustrated and created by Obray Cowan.   Obray is a tattoo artist and designer who likes to combine his “passion for art and film and drawing”.  At the time of writing the “look inside” feature was not available for this coloring book.   However, on viewing the @artbyo Instagram account it appears the illustrations comprise surreal faces.

Pages: 26

Publication Date: 8 August 2020

You can buy Coloring With ArtbyO here

Mythographic Color & Discover: Paradise: An Artist’s Coloring Book of Glorious Worlds and Hidden Objects 

Fabiana Attanasio has illustrated another coloring book for the Mythographic brand.    In this coloring book you will find “lost worlds, glorious realms, and awe-inspiring scenery brimming with detail and creativity. There are more than 40 hand-drawn illustrations  in this interactive coloring book.

Pages: 96

Publication Date: 4 August 2020

You can buy Mythographic Color & Discover: Paradise Coloring Book here

Happy Place Coloring Book

Car Pintos has illustrated this coloring book designed to celebrate  “the happy places in nature that are filled with flowers, botanicals, birds, butterflies, and more”.  The coloring book also features  “prompts to fill in help you consider your state of mind, your goals, and what makes up your happy place”.  You will also find coloring mazes to help you relax and focus.

Pages: 128

Publication Date: 4 August 2020

You can buy Happy Place Coloring Book here

Fantastic Coloring: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places, Creatures, and Collections 

It has been a while since Steve McDonald has released a coloring book in the “Fantastic” series.    This coloring book is a collection of 70 of his best illustrations from his previous books including 12 illustrations that have never been seen before. You will find “castles, jungles, cityscapes, butterflies, and more, each unique design is in his signature photo-to-illustration style.”

Pages: 72

Publication Date: 4 August 2020

You can buy Fantastic Coloring: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places, Creatures, and Collections here

Colorist’s Special Effects 4

The latest in the coloring technique series from Helen Elliston promises “Over 60 achievable colored drawing skills! Learn colors & shading of…squirrels, pinecones… jam tarts, sweets… lace and 3D backgrounds… crusty bread texture… mystical potions, spooky eyes, pictorial depth… and a whole lot more!”  Helen provides practice pages and samples for you to test your new skills following the step by step color guides.

Pages: 96

Publication Date: 3 August 2020

You can buy Colorist’s Special Effects 4 here

Happy coloring x


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Whilst my coloring style lacks skill, I am enthusiastic and focused on enjoying the moment and having fun.

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