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Coloring Books – New Releases – October 2020

My pick of the new coloring books releases for October 2020

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all coloring books being released. Bear in mind, that there are hundreds and hundreds of books being released every month. I cannot possibly keep up with all of them!

This list of new releases is only books that have taken my fancy, and that I think that you may like as well. Due to the high cost of postage for most readers, this list will usually not include International releases.

Please also bear in mind that different countries often have different publication dates. Something may be released in the US earlier than in the UK or vice versa.

If you know of a new release that you think I may be interested in, leave a comment in the area below

let’s go …

Creatopia: A Coloring Book 

Creatopia is the first coloring book by YouTube and Instagram artist, Vexx.   Vexx is based in Belgium who has created street art and murals in New York, Los Angeles, and many other areas.   Vexx started to share his artwork online from the age of 16 and has developed a distinctive and colorful style through the years (which reminds me of Kerby Rosanes and Joseph Catimbang).    The book features single-sided pages so you can use your favorite mediums.   The publisher’s promise that you will find a “collection of critters and creatures ….from fierce tigers to serene turtles, there are dozens of pages to get crazy with color“.   You will also find some pages that have space for you to add your own doodles and images.


Pages: 96

Publication Date: 6 October 2020

You can buy Creatopia: A Coloring Book by Vexx here or on Book Depository here.

Millie Marotta’s Woodland Wild: A Coloring Book Adventure

Millie Marotta has created another animal-themed coloring book featuring her distinctive illustrative style.    This coloring book features  “the woodlands of the world …more than 90 intricate drawings of beautiful forest-dwelling creatures will delight colorists and spark their creativity.”   You will find  “an adorable napping fox, little owl, Japanese pygmy woodpecker, peacock, badger, and polecat, along with whimsical ginkgo leaves, blossoming flowers, and tropical seeds and fruits that spill invitingly across the pages“.

Pages: 96

Publication Date:  6 October 2020

You can buy Millie Marotta’s Woodland Wild Coloring Book here or on Book Depository here

Believe in Magic: An Enchanting Coloring Book

Claire Scully has illustrated a number of coloring books including The Menagerie series with Richard Merritt which featured patterned animals.       In this coloring book, it appears from the look inside that some of. the pictures may include patterned illustrations.   The theme of the coloring book is the “mystery and power of the natural and human worlds” and a “spellbinding celebration of modern witchcraft with a focus on healing, mindfulness, and meditation“.  The publisher’s blurb promises “tarot cards, healing herbs and flowers, mandalas, and curious creatures of the night

Pages: 96

Publication Date: 13 October 2020

You can buy Believe in Magic: An Enchanting Coloring Book here or on Book Depository here

Harry Potter: Coloring Wizardry 

Fans of Harry Potter can go on a journey “through the wizarding world with over 80 illustrations of beloved scenes for fans of all ages to color—from Harry’s first-ever Quidditch match in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to the battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.”   The coloring book is illustrated by Scott Campbell who is known for his online comic creations, picture books which include Zombies in Love, and games.

Pages: 96

Publication Date 13 October 2020

You can buy Harry Potter: Coloring Wizardry here or at Book Depository here

Graveyard Queens Coloring Book

Graveyard Queens Coloring Book by Deborah Muller was actually released last month but was sadly omitted from my round-up of new releases :(.  I’m including in this month’s New Releases as it certainly is a book that is worthy of some creepy Halloween coloring.    The theme of the coloring book is “those creepy ladies of the night that haunt the graveyards and streets“. There are 32 pages to color that. have been printed on single-sided paper so you can color with the medium of your choice.

Pages: 67

Publication Date 17 September 2020

You can buy Graveyard Queens Coloring Book here or as a digital download here 

Tarot Colouring Book: A Personal Growth Colouring Journey

The Tarot Colouring Book contains images from Oliver Munden’s successful Tattoo Tarot which has been reimagined for coloring. The publisher’s blurb states “From the golden lion symbolizing Strength to the fertile green of The World, tarot imagery is bursting with significance, and coloring fans will delight in the intricate details. Follow in the steps of the fool as he undertakes his tarot journey from innocence and ignorance to completion and perfection, as you color your way through this personal growth journey in book form.”    This is the second coloring book that has been recreated by Oliver Munden.









Pages: 96

Publication Date: 29 October 2020

You can buy Tarot Colouring Book from Book Depository here

Advent Coloring Book: 24 Christmas Coloring Pages

If you want to get started on some Christmas coloring this book countdowns to Christmas with 24 pages to color.  You will find “seasonal forest animals, traditional tales brought to life, whimsical winter wonderlands and fantastical figures from folklore.”  The illustrations have been created by a group of illustrators and printed on heavy-duty paper.









Pages: 48

Publication Date: 30 October 2020

You can buy the Advent Coloring Book here from Book Depository

Dinosaurs: A Smithsonian Coloring Book

From the same publishers that brought colorists the Beauty of Horror series of coloring books introduce us to Dinosaurs from The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.  The publisher’s promise “a beautiful and informative tour through the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.”  The coloring book has been illustrated by Rachel Curtis who also illustrated The Princess Bride.    The illustrations include “herbivorous Stegosaurus, the sea-dwelling Hesperornis, the giant sauropod Camarasaurus, the mighty Tyrannosaurus, and many more.”  As well as pages to color you will also find  “brief and fascinating insights from the museum’s Paleontology experts about each dinosaur and its world, ensuring that time spent coloring is also time spent learning“. This book is printed on deluxe ivory paper which “allows for a variety of artistic media like pen, pencil, or even watercolor“.









Pages: 88

Publication Date 13 October 2020

You can buy Dinosaurs: A Smithsonian Coloring Book here


Watercolor with Me in the Jungle Paperback 

Dana Fax has created a number of watercolor tutorial books in the “Watercolor With Me” series of books.      In this book Dana takes us to the jungle where you can learn “three major watercolor techniques: wet on dry, wet on wet and ink and wash.”   There are 25 templates to follow along with printed on high-quality art paper which include  “tigers to parrots and lizards

Pages: 64

Publication Date: 20 October 2020

You can buy Watercolor with Me: In the Jungle  here or on Book Depository here

The Wizard of Oz Puzzle Book and

Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Book

The wonderful Fabiana Attansio has created two puzzle books for colorists to color based on the classic fairy tales of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.     These activity books are marketed at the children’s market but colorists of all ages can enjoy the products, in my opinion.

Each Puzzle book comprises an abridged story of the classic tale that you can read,  a colored picture that you can take apart and solve, and an illustration that is revealed under the puzzle for you to color.

Pages: 12

Publication Date. 16 October 2020

You can buy Wizard of Oz Puzzle Book  here and on Book Depository here

You can buy Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Book here and on Book Depository here

Crayola: You Color My World: A Fill-In Book

Crayola has created a keepsake style book that features “forty-six prompts with colorful designs“.   The fill in the blank style book allows the user to create personalized gifts or a keepsake book using the prompts and illustrations.  You will find prompt likes that “include fun and heartwarming phrases like, “You make a ______ day feel like Sunglow” and “You light up my world like a Lightning Bug when you ______.”   It sounds like it could be a fun book to stir creativity.

Pages: 96

Publication Date: 20 October 2020

You can buy Crayola: You Color My World  here or Book Depository here

Alcohol Ink: Step-by-Step Techniques for Ink-Based Fluid Art

If you are a fan of using markers or mixed media, this step by step tutorial book may take your fancy.    There are over “20 step-by-step tutorials”  which. you can use to create your own fluid art, abstract art, decor, and fashion accessories.   Although the publisher’s blurb does not state this,  you can use alcohol ink pours as background on your coloring pages, and this book may inspire. you on that path.

Pages: 112

Publication Date: 13 October 2020

You can buy Alcohol Ink:  Step by Step Techniques for Ink Based Fluid Art here and Book Depository here

The Pocket Complete Color Harmony: 1,000-Plus Color Palettes for Designers, Artists, Architects, Makers, and Educators

This book is a scaled-down version of the original, making it great for travel.   In this book, you will find “an introduction to using the color wheel and the key aspects of color” including  “moods and color and see how a wide variety of palettes can come across as earthy, powerful, regal, calm, dependable, and more“.   There are color palettes, charts, swatches, and advice on using colors.

Pages: 192

Publication Date: 13 October 2020

You can buy the Pocket Complete Color Harmony: 1000 Plus Color Palettes here and on Book Depository here

The Trans Self-Care Workbook: A Coloring Book and Journal for Trans and Non-Binary People

The Trans Self Care Workbook is aimed to help those coming to terms with their gender identification.   The workbook contains “coloring pages celebrating trans identity, beauty, and relationships, with practical advice, journaling prompts and space for reflection to promote self-affirmation and wellbeing“.   The workbook includes topics including “body positivity and neutrality, coming out, euphoria and dysphoria, building new friendships and navigating relationships with your friends and family“.    The activities and prompts throughout the workbook offer a creative outlet as well as being a practical resource.

Pages: 176

Publication Date: 21 October 2020

You can buy The Trans Self-Care Workbook here or on Book Depository here

Happy coloring x


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